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When most people hear about the 1600 cryptocurrencies and ICO tokens listed on CoinMarketCap, they assume that number includes every one ever launched. This arrogance might come after they corkscrew down to the end and notice hundreds that have no marketcap and/or no volume. The bottom of the list is mostly referred to the cemetery – a place where deserted coins go to die. The genuine cemetery however, is wherever they go after they are private from the listing. At slightest while they are on CoinMarketcap, for better or (usually) worse, there is a pen of their demise.

CoinMarketCap customarily removes coins from their site that are no longer active or have no sell to trade on. A list of 1250+ cryptocurrencies launched to date was gathered by CryptoDatabase in Mar 2015, and posted on Bitcointalk [1]. However, according to this Historical Snapshot on CoinMarketcap, they had only 525 currencies listed on Mar 22, 2015. Delisted coins could comment for some of this difference, but there are expected other factors such as those that never met the criteria to get listed in the first place.

A more stream finish inventory is supposing by Coinranking[2], display there has been at slightest 3,073 coins launched. The last 32 pages are passed coins with a marketcap of $0. It still doesn’t embody every silver that has been expelled or at slightest attempted to do so. There is a long list of untrustworthy projects where the supports lifted left early enough that they might not be listed anywhere. Bitcointalk is dirty with eager-beaver attempts to start a new cryptocurrency that never make it past a few posts or pages.

Adding to the list, are many of the tighten to 2100 Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) listed on TokenData[3] that don’t seem on Coinranking and/or CoinMarketcap. The TokenData list includes 500 that are designed or now underway, which wouldn’t uncover up on listings that use sell data. Regardless of their status, the opinion is grave for any possibility of long tenure success. A investigate finished by Bitcoin.com expelled in Feb 2018, suggested that 46% of ICOs launched in 2017 had already failed.[4] A new investigate finished by Satis Group that uses peculiarity as the metric to systematise ICOs, resolved that 81% were scams, 6% had failed, and 5% were dead.[5]


What is the point of this outing down memory lane?

 The information above reveals just how brief the lifespan can be of most cryptocurrencies and ICOs. It’s formidable to tell accurately how many of these projects have been started, but the number is looking like it might be closer to 5,000. While some of them never made it to an sell or caused financial losses, they squandered profitable time that could have been spent operative on something worthwhile. New coins and tokens lift an impassioned volume of risk, and it seems as though it is only the gamblers, speculators, and fraudsters that representation them, siphon them, and dump them, that are enjoying any of the rewards.

Reputation contingency be earned, and it takes time to infer yourself. As an investor, it would be correct to check out the cryptocurrencies that have been around for a few years and find out because they’re still alive when so many others have failed.

Is it the team? If a plan is going to strech mainstream adoption, it needs a mature dedicated group that is in it for the long haul. Jumping from one flashy-tech plan to the next, shows conjunction loyalty or maturity. Measuring the peculiarity of the group isn’t about how many cryptocurrencies or tokens they have worked on, it’s about the one they made work.

What have they indeed accomplished? Forget the promises – does the list of all growth to date, products, income generating properties, partnerships, and anything else that gives the silver or token genuine value, clear the marketcap? Those that have a outrageous marketcap have apparently been heavily promoted and made all their news public, or could simply be held up in suppositional hype – but what about the others? If they are actively operative and have accomplishments to uncover for it, but don’t have the large marketcap, why? Is it a good plan that is different from the others, and the flock doesn’t get it yet? Are they avoiding the hype? Is it the original group that still believes in what they are operative on, and are committed to make it work?

Is this where you find value?

It might be, but see how they magnitude up underneath inspection – Cryptocurrency and ICO Screening Guide for Investors.


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