European Banking Authority Calls for New Unified Legislation Regarding Crypto Assets

The European Banking Authority has published the comment of laws per crypto resources and urged the European Commission to pull new pan-EU manners that would boost consumer protection.

Current EU Laws Enable Manipulation, EBA Says

The European Union could be implementing a new set of laws per cryptocurrencies in the following year, as the Union’s categorical banking regulator called for tighter regulations in the industry.

The European Banking Authority (EBA) published the long-awaited comment of the qualification and bearing of EU law to crypto-assets. The report, published on Jan 9, 2018, analyzed crypto resources and their use within the EU, as well as the pan-EU laws that oversee them.

According to the report, cryptocurrencies are now not regulated by the EBA, definition that consumers in the EU are more receptive to strategy and fake activities that have tormented the attention since the conception.

EBA’s executive director, Adam Farkas, said in a statement:

“The EBA’s warnings to consumers and institutions on practical currencies sojourn valid. The EBA calls on the European Commission to consider either regulatory movement is indispensable to grasp a common EU proceed to crypto-assets”

Europe’s Main Banking Authority Calls for More Rules

The EBA is the Union’s categorical banking management and is tasked with ensuring banking and other financial regulations are implemented in all EU member states. The European Commission, which creates all pan-EU legislation, will have a tough year forward if it skeleton on complying with all of the recommendations made by the EBA.

The EBA called for a extensive cost-benefit research to be conducted by the EBA in sequence to establish the course of movement that needs to be taken at the EU level.

EBA’s news comes at a formidable time for the crypto industry, as it adds onto the increasing organisation vigour digital resources are confronting around the world. According to the Financial Times, anti-money laundering charge army have long forked out that criminals are exploiting the miss of regulation.

Reaction to SEC ICO Probes
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Back in Oct 2018, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) pronounced that targeting income laundering in the crypto attention was the tip priority. FATF also called for EU countries to boost their organisation of cryptocurrency exchanges and ICOs, as they are mostly prohibited spots for rapist activity.

The EBA called for FATF’s recommendations to be deliberate by the European Commission, a pierce that could have a poignant impact on the attention as a whole. The large sell-off that started the stream bear marketplace was sparked by concerns over worsening regulatory scrutiny, lifting questions about the impact EBA’s news will have on blockchain and cryptocurrency in 2019.

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