VeChain 2018 Accomplishments: 18 Technology Deployments, VeChain Thor Mainnet, and More

Although 2018 saw thespian sell-offs in the cryptocurrency markets, the volume of growth opposite the whole blockchain attention was phenomenal.

Serious and genuine projects flourished notwithstanding oppressive marketplace conditions, while other projects unsuccessful and died. One cryptocurrency project that came out of 2018 distant stronger than before, with a ton of accomplishments and loads of developments underneath their belt, is VeChain.

Vechain’s idea to build a decentralized business ecosystem has remained unchanging via the entirety of 2018 and going into 2019.

VeChain recently published a blog post patrician “A 2018 Reflection and 2019 Outlook,” in which they highlighted their 2018 accomplishments and supposing a hide look for what’s to come in 2019.

The devise has achieved a lot on countless fronts, including technological deployments, the launch of VeChainThor mainnet, the launch of new products, new partnerships, new projects, new events, and much, much more.

VeChain Technology and Deployment

On a technological front, VeChain thrived in 2018 with the launch of VeChainThor Mainnet and 17 other technological deployments:

  • On Apr 11, the 101 VeChain Authority Master-nodes preference routine went live.
  • On Apr 21, the VeChain Multi-Party Payment Protocol (MPP) was introduced.
  • On Apr 29, the VeChain Multi-Task Transaction Protocol (MTT) was introduced.
  • On May 18, the VeChainThor Alpha Test went live.
  • On May 20, VeChain denounced a new growth devise and whitepaper.
  • On Jun 30, when the VeChainThor Mainnet was strictly launched.
  • On Jul 6, VeChainThor Nodejs SDKthorifyopen source on Github.
  • On Jul 11, VeChainThor Web3-gear opensource on Github.
  • On Jul 11, VeChainThor sync open source on Github.
  • On Jul 23, VeChainThor JavaSDK open source on Github.
  • On Aug 10, the VeChain Security Identity hardware was released.
  • On Sep 3, the VeChainThor Mainnet v1.0.2 was launched.
  • On Sep 16, BaaS 2.0 launched on the mainnet.
  • On Oct 10, Sheet Stock RFID prolongation apparatus was deployed.
  • On Oct 30, VeChainThor Mainnet v1.0.4 and sync 0.6.8 launched.
  • On Nov 30, the VeChain Uniform Account Model was deployed.
  • On Dec 5, VeChainThore Node Tokens Wallet/Service set was deployed.
  • On Dec 10, VeChainThore Node Tokens Smart Contracts open source.
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Apart from the vital technical deployments, VeChain had very healthy activity on Github in 2018, with a sum of 2,535 commits, 3 branches, 5 releases, and 10 contributors. Also, according to the China Blockchain Patent Report 2018, VeChain performed 26 blockchain patents and was ranked 3rd in terms of new patents in 2018.

To contend the least, VeChain was very bustling in 2018. They didn’t let crashing prices confuse them from achieving their goals, they achieved a poignant volume of critical and foundational technological developments. Moving into 2019, VeChain should be prepared to take on genuine use cases and implementations of their technology.

VeChain’s 2019 Outlook

Apart from reviewing VeChain’s 2018 accomplishments, the earnest crypto projects blog post supposing a hide look into VeChain’s goals streamer into 2019.

As settled in VeChains blog post:

“In 2019 VeChain’s goal is elementary — grow the exchange with business value and build infrastructure services around the VeChainThor blockchain to promote mass adoption.”

As seen from the number of accomplishments laid out above, VeChain has been bustling building out their blockchain so that both small and vast business enterprises can run their businesses on tip of VeChainThor’s blockchain infrastructure.

In 2019, VeChain wants to make the technological components they’ve been building available to both enterprises and particular developers.

“Firstly, we will concentration on flourishing and enabling craving applications and dapps ancillary genuine business activities. We will yield not only the developer support and collection but also intelligent agreement templates, SDKs and warden package templates of those essential components indispensable for most blockchain focus such as wallet, tokenized item issuance, information storage, digital item management.”

In further to pulling the tangible use of their technological innovations in the genuine world, VeChain skeleton to enhance their network of partners on a tellurian scale. This will concede VeChain’s blockchain record to be used by a much broader operation of customers.

All in all, VeChain wants 2019 to be the year that blockchain applications are used in genuine business environments. They wish that genuine blockchain adoption among businesses will assistance to innovate the regulatory and authorised sourroundings surrounding cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Do you think VeChain’s blockchain record will be implemented by real-world businesses in 2019? Let us know what you think about VeChain and their goals in the criticism territory below.

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