This Week In Cryptocurrency: SEC Shuns Bitcoin ETF, Overstock Gets Massive Investment

The cryptocurrency marketplace finished another formidable week on a low note on Friday, with most vital currencies trade down more than 2 percent on the day. Here’s a look at some of the headlines that were relocating the cryptocurrency marketplace this week and which currencies were on the move.


On Friday, Inc (NASDAQ: OSTK) skyrocketed 18 percent after the association reported that Hong Kong private equity organisation GSR Capital invested up to $270 million in the company’s blockchain auxiliary tZero and will squeeze $30 million of Overstock’s tZero confidence tokens. The investment gives GSR Capital an 18 percent tenure interest in tZero and values the business at $1.5 billion.

On Wednesday, cryptocurrency markets tight after the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission pronounced it’s loitering a preference on a bitcoin ETF offer by VanEck. The stream offer is the third try at a bitcoin ETF by VanEck after the SEC deserted two prior attempts. The SEC has nonetheless to approve a cryptocurrency ETF for inventory on a vital U.S. exchange, citing concerns over marketplace liquidity and financier safety.

On Thursday, a new news out by Yale economists claimed there is a 0.4 percent possibility bitcoin will eventually end up totally worthless. While that luck might seem intensely small, it’s roughly 44 times more expected bitcoin becomes meaningless than the euro becomes worthless, according to the report.

Price Action

The Bitcoin Investment Trust (OTC: GBTC) traded at $9.63, down 5.1 percent for the week.

Here’s how several tip crypto investments fared this week. Prices are as of 3:45 p.m. ET and simulate the prior 7 days.

  • Bitcoin declined 14 percent to $6,422;
  • Ethereum declined 14.4 percent to $356;
  • XRP declined 24.1 percent to 33 cents;
  • Bitcoin Cash declined 17.9 percent to $593;
  • EOS declined 23.7 percent to $5.49.

The 3 cryptocurrencies with at slightest $1-million marketplace caps that have made the biggest gains over the past 7 days are:

  • InflationCoin: $3.7-million marketplace cap, 391.0-percent gain.
  • Global Currency Reserve: $13.7-million marketplace cap, 116.5-percent gain.
  • BunnyCoin: $4.8-million marketplace cap, 107.6-percent gain.

The 3 cryptocurrencies strike hardest in the past 7 days were:

  • AC3: $3.7-million marketplace cap, 54.5-percent decline.
  • AurumCoin: $5.7-million marketplace cap, 51.5-percent decline.
  • Local World Forwarders: $1.3-million marketplace cap, 48.2-percent decline.

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