Top 5 cryptocurrency taxation mistakes

Tax profession Steve Moskowitz of taxation law firm, Moskowitz LLP shares best practices for stating your digital resources that can save you from big taxation penalties

Since the recover of Bitcoin in 2009, over 4,000 choice currencies have emerged in the decentralized banking market. For scarcely 10 years, the IRS has sought to benefit a foothold in what has since turn a sepulchral marketplace with a rising number of participating item holders. The new Coinbase, Inc. box statute creates it pure that the US supervision is vigilant on posterior digital banking holders who aren’t entirely pure in their online activity. In sequence to equivocate complicated fines of up to $250,000 and probable jail time, it is now more critical than ever to scrupulously request and news your digital banking transactions.

Here are 5 essential tips from Moskowitz LLP to get you started:

  1. Know your cost basis. The IRS considers cryptocurrency and digital banking skill for taxation purposes, and might prosecute anyone neglecting to news it on their taxes. Some practical exchanges yield a form 1099-K to their clients, but most do not, creation it your shortcoming to establish the value of your digital assets.  This is very critical as it will outcome your taxibility when you sell.
  2. Remember that mined banking is income. If you are paid for the activity, you contingency compensate both income taxation on the volume mined, and self-employment taxes (where applicable). If mining for yourself, your sum income contingency embody the value of your cryptocurrency on the day it was received.

  3. Track and news all cryptocurrency purchases and sales. If you use cryptocurrency like cash, every squeeze you make – including that of products and services – is a taxable event, and you contingency lane sum like the date of transaction and the volume paid. If you buy or sell cryptocurrency, the IRS considers the activity identical to the squeeze and sale of stock, and will design you to keep a record of all your transactions.  Along with explanation of the buy and sell prices and the dates of each particular transaction.

  4. Report transfers of digital currency. The IRS might shortly take the position that the send of digital resources is a reportable transaction, and need a news of any collateral gains or losses.

  5. Report payments made to employees, or banking perceived as a gift.  Just as with government-backed currency, you are compulsory to news all worker or executive payments, and to compensate practice and self-denial taxation where applicable. If you are means digital currency, news it on your taxes using the same cost basement as the chairman or entity who gave it to you when you sell it.

If you hoop crypto or digital currency, now is the time to find superintendence from the taxation attorneys at Moskowitz LLP, who can assistance you lay a plain substructure for your financial future. For over 3 decades, the gifted taxation attorneys at Moskowitz LLP have supposing superintendence to business owners, families, and people looking to make the most of their income and equivocate the pitfalls of bad taxation planning. This year, their group is here to assistance you successfully navigate the fast changing taxation meridian around cryptocurrency and digital assets, and practice sound taxation practices so you won’t get blindsided in an IRS audit.

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