TakeOff Projects provides investors height (TakeOff News Search, TakeOff Centre, and TakeOff Exchange)

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TakeOff Projects aim to yield innovative collection for investors. It is comprised of TakeOff News Search, TakeOff Centre and TakeOff Exchange.

TakeOff News Search
 Specialised Search Engine for investment-related information with AI. TakeOff News Search ver0.75 is 
already available.

TakeOff Centre
 Support for startups specialised in IT

TakeOff Exchange
 High-Speed Decentralized Exchange + Decentralized Multi-Token Payment:
 TakeOff Exchange Payment (Currently underneath development)

TakeOff Projects yield investors with useful collection by TakeOff News Search, bond investors and startups on TakeOff Centre, and yield a place for trade original tokens released by startups on TakeOff Exchange. Furthermore, startup’s services make mutual utilization of the original tokens around TakeOff Exchange Payment and boost the liquidity and the value of each token. (Including TKO token). This is TakeOff’s business model.

These are ecosystem impact each other deeply through TKO token.

TKO token will be 

(1) a application token for use supposing by startups upheld by TakeOff Centre. The more startups “takeoff” from TakeOff Centre, the more value TKO token gets. 

(2) used as a application token on TakeOff News Search and TakeOff Exchange. 

(3) one of bottom resources on TakeOff Exchange.  

TKO token is already available on p2pb2b (https://p2pb2b.io) – Top 20 exchange. Trading Pairs are TKO/USD, TKO/BTC, and TKO/ETH.

p2pb2b is one of few sell platforms with authorised registration in the EU.

TKO token will be listed on BiteBTC(https://bitebtc.com/) soon. (TKO/USD, TKO/BTC, TKO/ETH, and TKO/CNY). 

1.TakeOff News Search:

The TakeOff News Search is a hunt engine for investment-related news. For investors, it is critical to locate worldwide trends as shortly as possible.

TakeOff News Search helps investors to search, analyse, and know marketplace trends.  

The TakeOff News Search ver.0.75 is already available.


The TakeOff News Search has AI (Artificial Intelligence) like auto-classification, appurtenance translation, information association, news significance judgment. AI translates news to multi-languages (Currently 6 languages), arrange by importance, and extracts applicable news, companies, individuals, cryptocurrencies. The TakeOff News Search displays news alongside a cryptocurrency draft and batch draft and more information. 

From now on, the TakeOff News Search will have more AI like Grouping Similar News and Named Entity Recognition. These AI make it easier to find news and information. Also, for news translation, we aim that our AI will be one of the appurtenance interpretation with the best correctness in the world.

 The TakeOff News Search will be smarter, more efficient, and can understanding with more data. TakeOff News Search helps investors to know immediately how the batch cost of the associated association and the draft of the cryptocurrency fluctuated in some news. (Currently underneath development)

2.TakeOff Centre:

TakeOff Centre, along with the partner companies, supports startups. (Including mutual use of original tokens between startups)

 TakeOff Centre gets the elect for extensive support by TakeOff is between 15% to 20% of the supports lifted by startups and gets 10% to 20% of the original token released by each startup.

 To increase the value of the original token released by each startup, the TakeOff Centre will support each startup continuously.

 For the latest information on now scheduled startup projects, greatfully revisit TakeOff Centre

TakeOff Centre:


 3.TakeOff Exchange:

The TakeOff Exchange is a Decentralized Exchange with the following features.

  • Decentralised Exchange, Trustless, Hi-Speed trade 
  • Rapid relating      system of off-chain OrderBook (Wallet to Wallet mode) 
  • Hi-speed/Real-time Trade (Deposit mode) 
  • Collaboration with      other exchanges 
  • Including Decentralized      Multi-Token Payment (TakeOff Exchange Payment) 

TKO token and Original tokens will be listed on the TakeOff Exchange. 

TakeOff Exchange Payment is a Decentralized Multi-Token Payment service. It accepts any cryptocurrencies and tokens that are available on TakeOff Exchange Payment. For example, you can use the use for shopping products on EC websites, payments for web services, purchasing tickets, etc. In particular, you can use it for remuneration to services of startup upheld by TakeOff Centre. 

TakeOff Exchange Payment executes the payments trustlessly on blockchain through an easy-to-use interface (dApps). 

The interface of remuneration is displayed as a part of a webpage of each service, and remuneration will be finished by just a few clicks with metamask or dApps browser. 

Each token becomes available as a remuneration token for the tangible services, so the liquidity of tokens will be higher


Project website:




 TakeOff Centre


 TakeOff News Search (MVP)


Media Contacts:

Company Name: TakeOff Technology OÜ
Full Name: Tomoyuki Nozato
Email Address: Send Email
Website: https://takeoff.center/takeoff/index.html

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