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The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side of a Dip

Calling it a drop doesn’t really do it justice.  Even job what we’ve gifted over the last month a improvement seems to be in bad humor. How else do we transparent crypto’s altogether market cap going from $834bln at the arise in Jan to $282bln at the lowest point?  By holding on with iron hands, that’s how.

Now, we don’t know if it’s over yet, no matter how much we’re praying for the misfortune to be behind us. That said, the marketplace is looking healthier than it has in a prohibited minute, and a tip 10 smiling with immature is something to be grateful for.

Bitcoin: Bitcoin has seen better days, that’s for sure, but all things considered, it’s doing pretty well.  Well, technically it’s still down 2% from this time last week.  But we think we can all determine that $8,400 is a lot better than the $6,000 stone bottom Bitcoin strike progressing in the week during the sell-off.

Ethereum: It looks like the marketcap’s curtain up is in the accurate same vessel as Bitcoin.  Ethereum is also down 2% from the starting point last Friday, now sitting with a cost of $854.

Ripple: Ripple breaks the mold Bitcoin/Ethereum set, though, as it is now up 6% from this time last week.  This is mostly the outcome of some upwards cost movement last night that puled it up to $0.90.


Honorable Mentions: No honest mentions this week, as no silver has finished much value mentioning (except E-coin, which is reloading for the second pump-n-dump of the week, up 1,855% in 24/hrs).  No, we don’t have any legit honest mentions, but rather, an honest coincidence.  As u/steelflight84 pointed out on r/cryptocurrency progressing this week, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple followed closely at each other’s heels during this week’s downwards race.  So closely, in fact, that their prices mirrored each other by powers of 10.

Domestic News:

Forbes Gives Enthusiasts the Chance to Stalk Their Favorite Crypto Fat Cats: So petiole might be a clever word.  Regardless, Forbes has expelled the first ever “Richest People in Cryptocurrency,” the digital economy homogeneous of of the “World’s Billionaire List.”  Topping the list embody such total as Ripple’s former CEO Chris Larsen and Binance owner Changpeng Zhao.


SEC/CFTC Senate Testimony Gives Crypto Hope (and a New Mascot): Jay Clayton and Chris Giancarlo made the box for controlling cryptocurrencies before the Senate on Tuesday.  The assembly finished on a certain note, as legislators seemed open to the courses of movement both the SEC/CFTC heads suggested.  This gave investors and enthusiasts comparison a glimmer of confidence for the destiny of the space in a time when the market’s pile-up was withdrawal many in despair.  Giancarlo, who even told senators about the wonders of HODLing, left the assembly looking rather like a mascot for the crypto-sphere, and village members thanked him for his cheerleading by augmenting his Twitter supporters from 5k to 28.5k in underneath 48 hours.

Bittrex Turns Up the Heat on Coinbase, Looks to Add USD Deposits: First Robinhood announced that it would open cryptocurrency trading, and now Bittrex has announced that it will confederate USD deposits, while also opening up new accounts to acquire uninformed users.  Should Coinbase be worried?  Like Bitcoin, it has first inciter advantage, but it’s starting to see some foe enter the fiat-to-crypto marketplace.

Once Again, Goldman Sachs Says Most Coins Will Soon Be Worthless: Head of Global Investment Research Steve Strongin isn’t observant all coins won’t make it in the long run, but he is observant that most digital resources in their stream form are worthless. In a “few-winners-take-most” market, blockchain record will tarry while  “the currencies that don’t tarry will most approaching trade to zero.”


Credit Cards Companies Try to Fight the Rise of Crypto with Purchase Bans: Big banks like Bank of America and J.P. Morgan are starting to retard purchases from famous cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase. While the J.P. Morgan’s orator Mary Jane Rogers says that the risk compared with cryptocurrencies is too high right now, it creates us consternation if the anathema is an try to fight the success and arise of the competition.

You Can Now Buy GPU’s For Crypto Mining on Amazon: If you were wondering where to squeeze your first mining rig, look no further…Amazon is now charity miners the ability to measure their very possess GPU through third-party businessman sales. If you’re looking for a bargain, you can even buy a 6-pack of cold-hard GPU’s (that is, until they overheat). Prices for these collection have skyrocketed in the past 3 months, relocating from the low $200s to scarcely triple this price.

Ohio Teen Becomes Millionaire After Purchasing Crypto With Entire Life Savings: “I thought: ‘Wow, we just made a 10% lapse in a day. That’s crazy,’” pronounced 18-year-old Eddy Zillan in an talk with Business Insider. Zillan started purchasing crypto at the immature age of 15, 3 years underneath the compulsory age to open a Coinbase account. But that didnt stop this well-suited crpyto child from fasten in on the action, who now charges up to $250 an hour for his advising services.

California Crypto Enthusiasts Find New-Found Freedom in Puerto Rico: Living in a building they named “Sol”, a garland of Californians changed to the Caribbean island not for the beauty, but to equivocate collateral gains taxes and sovereign taxes. Their idea is to settle a “cryptotopia” in the heart of the territory’s capital, San Juan, and they’re even observant that the supervision is permitting them to set up a cryptocurrency bank. Founder of Halsey Minor says while the hurricanes that wrecked Puerto Rico were awful, the low skill costs and companies relocating their domicile to Puerto Rico is a “godsend” in the long-term.

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Cryptocurrency News from Around the World

Bitcoin No Longer the Darkweb Favorite: If you’re looking to compensate for unlawful services on the internet, you might want to look at Bitcoin’s little hermit for help.  Litecoin has won the preference of the internet’s soiled underbelly. According to a news by Recorded Future, Litecoin is supposed by 30% of Darkweb vendors, with DASH and Bitcoin Cash entrance in at second and third, respectively.

UNICEF Wants You to Mine Ethereum for Syrian Children: According to Reuters, more than 500 people have assimilated the “Game Changers” Initiative to support children of the war-torn nation of Syria. In a statement, UNICEF pronounced “through the use of mining we emanate an event for those who can't give or have never had the event to do so.” The plan has already lifted more than 1,500 euros since the launch on Feb 2nd.


China Bans Foreign Exchange Platforms in Efforts to Stop Trading: China is attempting to put an ultimate end to ICO’s and crypto trading, as settled in an essay by the Financial Times (affiliated to the People’s Bank of China). Like American credit label companies perplexing to stop crypto purchases due to “financial risks,” China believes digital resources are too unsure to continue in their stream form. Despite all the Chinese government’s actions in mitigating the risks, the adults are anticipating ways to continue trading.

Unlike China, Singapore Welcomes Cryptocurrency… “For Now”: On Monday, Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore Tharman Shanmugaratnam settled “for now, the inlet and scale of cryptocurrency trade in Singapore does not poise risks to the reserve and firmness of our financial system.” The loose views entrance from Singapore’s supervision follow Japan’s kindly attitudes towards blockchain technology, with both countries saying the good intensity of cryptocurrency.

Not a Hack: Binance Halts Trades for Maintenance: One of the world’s most renouned cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance, recently dangling withdrawals and trading.  According to Changpeng Zhao, Binance’s CEO, there was an emanate with the exchange’s servers that left information “out of sync,” but he positive users that all information is safe.  Services went down on the 7th and are approaching to resume on the 9th.

In Other News, Porn Is Now Being Used to Mine Cryptocurrencies: Noticing that your mechanism is as prohibited and complicated as you after indulging in some online fantasies?  If yes, your porn habits could be creation someone else money.  A new investigate by the Chinese confidence organisation 360 Netlab shows that 49% of all browser mining comes from porn websites.  These sites run mining scripts that use visitors’ computers to cave several currencies while they slake their carnal appetites.  

Regulations Not on European Central Bank’s Agenda: While the United States has clearly non-stop up the doors to regulatory discussions, the European Central Bank isn’t prepared to give the subject a knock.  “We investigate the emanate in a regulatory perspective, we are prepared to do something if it was needed, but so distant it’s not accurately very high on our to-do list,” ECB’s Chair of the Supervisory Board Daniele Nou told CNBC in a new interview.

For Other Banks, a Move to Ban Crypto Purchases on Credit: The markets were holding a hit, and banks in the UK follow in the footsteps of their brothers opposite the pool to lessen risks.  Loyds Banking Group Plc and Virgin Money have blocked cryptocurrency purchases on their credit cards.  At the tallness of crypto’s run-up at the end of the year, credit label purchases became increasingly common, and the pierce looks to strengthen business from plunging into debt as the marketplace went into free-fall.

North Korea Likely Behind Coincheck Hack, South Korean Officials Say: Japanese sell Coincheck was hacked two weeks ago, withdrawal $530mln in cryptocurrency stolen.  South Korea’s National Intelligence Service believes that North Korea could have been behind the attack. Unfortunately, this isn’t too surprising, as North Korea is also suspected to have been behind a array of Bithumb and Youbit attacks that occurred last year.

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