There’s during slightest one approach Kansas dining tops places like New York and LA

UPDATED — Kansas is famous for Dorothy, sunflowers, cows and . . . cryptocurrencies?

While some of us still might not know cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, Kansas ranks high on a new investigate of where the banking is throwing on.

“Kansas is a rather startling entrance to our tip 10 states where you can spend cryptocurrency,” according to a recover from RewardExpert, an online use that shares giveaway tips on using credit label and transport rewards.

Kansas ranks No. 6 of the places that have the best infrastructure for using cryptocurrencies.

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“Although the state has only one Bitcoin ATM, there are a whopping 110 establishments statewide that accept Bitcoin payments, 88 of which are restaurants,” the recover says.

Washington, D.C., is No. 1, and New Hampshire is No. 2.

The news shows only 10 percent of U.S. adults have resources in cryptocurrencies, but investment is still the most-popular use for the currency.

However, the news also shows that more and more businesses are usurpation Bitcoin payments, just like in Kansas.

As the news says: “Nowhere else is it easier to sequence Chinese food and compensate using Bitcoin.”

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