Swarm Launches Secondary Market for Robinhood, Ripple, and DidiNew Tokens Representing Equity in Major Tech …

SHANGHAI [CES Asia], Jun 13, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Swarm (www.swarm.fund), the blockchain for private equity, today announced the launch of tokens representing equity in particular tech companies, permitting Swarm investors to squeeze confidence tokens representing fractional shares in private companies. Sourced through partners who acquire equity from former employees, these secondaries yield liquidity to exiting employees and now, through Swarm, open a much wider doorway for people to attend in the investment ecosystem. Swarm will launch tokens representing private equity starting with Robinhood, Ripple, and Didi, formulating a delegate marketplace for some of the biggest companies concerned with crypto.

“Our idea is to democratize investing, and introducing tokens that paint equity is a vital step brazen in this mission,� pronounced Philipp Pieper, CEO and Co-Founder of Swarm. “Now, any Swarm financier can reason equity in some of today’s most distinguished tech startups.�

The launch of tokens representing equity in tech companies is achieved around Swarm’s partnerships with Silicon Valley try collateral firms and supports with approach and delegate entrance to this equity.

“By charity a Ripple token representing equity in Ripple the company, Swarm Fund offers an answer to what some contend is a reduction of Ripple’s XRP token as an investment. XRP is a tip cryptocurrency, behind only Bitcoin and Ethereum in marketplace cap, but it does not paint equity in Ripple or simulate the value of Ripple remuneration protocol. Investors looking for a more holistic square of Ripple’s value might look to the Ripple Equity Token as a solution,� commented Timo Lehes, Co-founder and Chief Investment Officer.

Swarm creates traditionally disdainful investment opportunities, such as private equity and sidestep funds, thorough for the Swarm by pooling together smaller investments into larger, institutional-sized blocks. Swarm gives account managers entrance to collateral from a new category of investors who want entrance to institutional-type investments, but don’t have the high minimums many institutional supports require. By leveraging blockchain technology, Swarm provides an whole height from which businesses can emanate cryptocurrency-based enterprises with a wellspring of appropriation built in.

About Swarm Fund
Swarm Fund is the blockchain for private equity. Swarm is formulating a singular marketplace infrastructure built on blockchain record that enables investing cryptocurrency into genuine resources and deploying normal collateral into crypto markets in a new way. Swarm is built for: ​Crypto Investors who want to de-risk their portfolios, Family Offices looking for a more fit way to invest into crypto and alternatives, and bland sell investors acid for entrance to opportunities that were not permitted before. With a authorised and regulatory horizon concordant with institutional investors, automation to mislay center men, and prioritizing entrance for all, Swarm can streamline and assistance double the Private Equity attention from $2.5 trillion to $5T+ in the subsequent 5 years.

Article source: http://markets.businessinsider.com/news/stocks/swarm-launches-secondary-market-for-robinhood-ripple-and-didinew-tokens-representing-equity-in-major-tech-companies-1026906501

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