NEO: The New Big Controversy


Some folks in the crypto star seem to adore a fight, punching and counterpunching about each other’s favorite coin. Our adore is quite for autonomy and objectivity.

Our ratings are not a beauty contest. They are formed on prudent investigate and a mathematical indication that creates hundreds of thousands of calculations to sincerely weigh investment risk and prerogative … as well as record and adoption fundamentals opposite the whole star of cryptos that we cover. So either the bulletin is to conflict a sold class or to urge it, isolating a singular non-static is a mistake.

Unlike Moody’s, Standard Poor’s, Fitch and other firms, we never accept remuneration of any kind from issuers. Our revenues are subsequent quite from the sale of our investigate to particular consumers, investors and other end users. And distinct some investment investigate organizations, we have hired cryptocurrency analysts and consultants with low knowledge in the industry.

With this preamble, let me respond to the latest controversy: our class for NEO. writes:

“Granting NEO an A confirms, in the eyes of critics, that Weiss — a association with no credentials in cryptocurrency — doesn’t know the attention it is judging. What arrange of lopsided ratings system places one of the world’s most centralized cryptocurrencies leagues forward of one of the most decentralized (bitcoin)?”

Why we give Bitcoin a C+ is the theme of our whitepaper published here one month ago. Why we give NEO a aloft class is the theme of our explanation today.

NEO’s Weiss Rating Explained

NEO is a B+ right now, down a nick from an A- earlier. Is that a poignant downgrade? No.

As we pronounced from the opening in Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings Explained, “The metrics used to weigh cryptocurrencies can change more fast than those of other investments. Therefore, when using Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings, investors should design visit upgrades and downgrades.”

Moreover, an critical member of our ratings is investment risk and reward, which is formed mostly on cost action. So, marketplace swings can also means upgrades and downgrades … even if the underlying record and fundamentals are unchanged. Relative to other coins, NEO’s reward/risk metrics have been rising easily for quite some time. Last week, they came back down somewhat.

We commend this is not the kind of rating crypto attention leaders and developers were expecting. They wanted a rating that sticks quite to the coin’s record and fundamentals, regardless of what happens in the markets. But our primary design is to assistance investors make more income with reduction risk. And to countenance our ratings, we’ve run them consummate retrogression analysis, demonstrating that they grasp that design very well — something that would not have been probable with mostly immobile grades.

NEO Technology

NEO is already starting to do what Ethereum aims to do in the future. The founders’ settled idea is to turn the go-to blockchain height for formulating a “Smart Economy,” including Initial Coin Offerings and applications that can operation from supply-chain government or package tracking to games. Our ratings indication has identified the following strengths that can support their mission:

Strength #1. NEO is powered by the dBFT (delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance) accord algorithm. This allows for about one thousand exchange per second, creation it one of the fastest now organic blockchains. In contrast, Ethereum is — for now, at slightest — too delayed to be the go-to intelligent agreement height for the economy of the future.

Strength #2. The dBFT accord algorithm allows NEO token holders to elect their retard producers, called “bookkeepers.” This aligns the interests of retard producers with those of the community, introducing elements of on-chain governance to the network — a pivotal to ensuring the destiny sustainability of the ecosystem.

Strength #3. NEO’s concentration on interoperability with side-chains and outmost blockchains is another plus.

Strength #4. The coin’s compliance-driven structure allows people and organizations to store their digital temperament (VID) on the blockchain. We trust this is a underline that all projects should have if they wish to confederate with existent economies, businesses and communities.

Simultaneously, our indication has also identified some issues of intensity concern:

Concern #1. The way NEO handles ID on the blockchain could potentially lead to censorship in the future. If a height intends to sojourn censorship-resistant, the ID is something that needs to be rubbed with impassioned caring to strengthen user privacy.

Concern #2. Other blockchain projects in growth exaggerate record that’s more clever than NEO’s. They have plain teams of developers and a roadmap to “take over” the space some years from now.

NEO Fundamentals

Projects with the best possibility to attain in the longer tenure are not quite those with the best mousetrap. They are those that, in further to good technology, can build a extended village around them. NEO scores well in this area because of several factors:

1. Although NEO doesn’t suffer the adoption of more-established projects like Bitcoin, Ethereum or Ripple, the adoption is on an ceiling trail as it gains more recognition.

2. It has a dedicated developer village that focuses on building applications privately for the NEO ecosystem.

3. NEO’s recognition on amicable media also helps, potentially substantiating NEO as a domicile name in the crypto space.

4. Our indication also likes the fact that there’s almost no association between cost movement and use on the network. Unlike many other coins, where use rises and falls with the ups and downs of suppositional activity, NEO’s comparatively fast use implies real-world, non-speculative adoption of the technology.

What About Centralization?

One of the big criticisms cited for NEO is centralization. Our indication recognizes this issue. But it views most of the critique as beforehand for 4 reasons:

First, because NEO is radically still in alpha, and this is not surprising for a cryptocurrency. Even Bitcoin is arguably still in development. In fact, the latest Bitcoin Core chronicle 0.16.0 was just expelled days ago.

Second, control by the first group is also very common, generally among third- and even second-generation currencies. In fact, some would disagree that, in the early stages, this kind of centralization can be a required evil. It allows the creators to repair bugs and exam new facilities in a discerning and easy manner.

Later, once a crypto is widely used, it can be more difficult. Just ask Bitcoin or Ethereum developers. Many of them contend the routine of upgrading their networks is like “trying to repair the engine on a automobile while it’s speeding down the highway.”

Third, NEO’s accord custom is built from the belligerent up for decentralization. That shows the record is capable of achieving that idea in the future.

Fourth, our indication also measures NEO’s centralization metrics in the genuine world. For example, it looks at who’s indeed using the nodes and how the network is reaching consensus. On these metrics, we don’t think any cryptocurrency has nonetheless achieved loyal decentralization, and that includes both newer cryptocurrencies such as NEO, EOS, Cardano and Stellar, as well comparison ones like Bitcoin, Ethereum or Ripple.

Our indication punishes them for it. But at this theatre in the industry’s evolution, it does not class a crypto awaiting perfection. And the math demonstrates that NEO’s centralization is more or reduction in line with that of other coins.

Multiple Factors

As we suggested at the outset, one singular non-static can't be used to conflict or urge any Weiss Cryptocurrency Rating. This is quite loyal for NEO. It demonstrates a comparatively good change of mostly certain scores opposite the board: A record that allows the height to scale … comparatively clever use metrics that go over small conjecture … plus, we might add, trade patterns indicating it’s a favorite of the investment community.

We trust 2018 could be a very engaging year for NEO. The longer Ethereum is incompetent to solve the scalability issues, the more new projects will look for choice platforms.

NEO is open for business. It’s prepared to scale and support thousands of dApps. And it could indeed turn one of the go-to platforms for the Smart Economy of the future.

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