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Initially, NEO is the China’s original and open source open sequence project. It servers with the multiple of intelligent resources along with the multiple of intelligent contracts of digital and blockchain assets. NEO enables a smarter way for resources circulation, distribution and registration.

Digital Assets- NEO

Digital resources start in the process of electronic blockchain record and electronic data. As they turn perceptible, trust-less, diluted and rarely transparent. The greaten forms of digital resources and use digital certificate to benefit trust for open sequence are support. Specifically, the resources emanate by users through digital certificate are secures by law. Additionally, for more formidable situations, intelligent agreement can be use by users to urge and raise the functions of assets. Moreover, they can also emanate intelligent contracts with other functions graphic to assets.

A judgment of “Smart Contract” was first trigger by Nick Sazbo in 1994 more expected to the story of the Internet. Rendering to him: When reprogrammed conditions are met, agreement clauses can be executed by Smart contract. Due to the rarely arguable system, immutability and decentralization which provides the matching sourroundings for intelligent contracts to model the value.

NEO includes technologies like dBFT, P2P, intelligent contract, digital certificate, cross-chain operation custom and superconductive trade that enables people to conduct intelligent agreement efficiently, strictly and securely.

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