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I see a lot of people criticizing the NNC (Neo Name Service) because it is a fragment of a NEO 10:1 , But do you comprehend that NNC is behaving like a share in the network, radically providing you giveaway income from the income generated by the auction of Neo domain names?

It seems the village is behaving like a marred child for not realizing NEL is giving NEO hodlers a very profitable item which will emanate pacifist income in the future, even if it is a small fraction.

Have we turn too miserly to not be grateful when NEO airdrops giveaway profitable resources to holders?

I will for my part reason these changed NNC tokens when i get them.

EDIT: “Holders of NNC tokens will accept dividends on GAS income collected through the registration and renovation fees of the platform. NewEconoLabs will not be holding a token sale for NEO Name Service.”


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