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NEO is a Blockchain height and cryptocurrency combined with the thought of substantiating a scalable network of decentralized applications. While NEO is very tighten to Ethereum at the core, there are a few things that could be pronounced only about NEO.  

For example, NEO has an ability to support a lot of common programming languages like Javascript and C++. This is finished by using a customized chronicle of Docker called neoVM, which compiles the formula into an environment. This is distinct Ethereum with the need for using local programming denunciation to perform intelligent contracts.

NEO also integrates a lot of other cryptocurrencies into the network, while most of the other platforms are focusing only on their possess currency. This singular underline creates NEO suitable to turn a tellurian digital system of in a intelligent economy. Today, some might conclude NEO as one of the most fast cryptocurrencies on the marketplace with a lot of intensity to grow even more in the future.

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