With more than $14B in appropriation lifted from ICOs alone this year, 2018 has been another record year for the blockchain and crypto attention – and these 100 people are heading the way in transforming the way people buy, sell, and deposit crypto around the world.

It’s been a rollercoaster year for the attention too, but notwithstanding the sensitivity in the markets, here at CryptoWeekly we sojourn bullish on the technology’s long-term prospects – quite given the number of sparkling new innovations and projects launched this year.

We looked at hundreds of people concerned in crypto around the world, and have filed this down to the tip 100 people that have been creation waves in the village over the past year.

This year’s list is more different than ever, and it’s been sparkling to see people from all walks of life fasten together to drive technological mutation brazen in crypto this year. The theatre is now set for an sparkling year of creation ahead, and these are the people who are best positioned to lead that charge.

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