NEM [XEM] will be expanding to Korea, says Stephen Chia …

During an interview, the Head of South-East Asia, Stephen Chia spoke about the pros and cons and the destiny skeleton of NEM has for the year of 2018.

The Head of South-East Asia was asked about the pros and cons of NEM [XEM]. He pronounced that all the tellurian protocols [blockchain] started off and were introduced in the west and NEM is one of the few projects that started in the East. So the criminal of NEM is that a lot of people in the west are not wakeful of the project. However, the plan is obvious in Japan and is one of the tip cryptocurrency. It also has a clever partner in Japan, Tech Bureau.

According to Stephen, NEM is high in direct in Japan because of the blockchain record and the partnership with Tech Bureau.

He said:

“They are indeed co-partners in the growth of our [NEM] subsequent chronicle of NEM blockchain which we indeed call it Catapult. So fundamentally because they are flourishing the whole village in Japan. Today, scarcely 40% of our cryptocurrency is traded, on let’s say, on the 24-hour basis, 40% of is traded in Japan. Also, it helps that Tech Bureau already owns the possess sell platform, Zaif.”

Tech Bureau is a blockchain use provider that grown the second chronicle of the mijin blockchain software, which is also famous as the Catapault. The Catapault updates the NEM custom on both open and private networks. It also provides intelligent resources which are quick and scalable so that companies and people can get Catapult on-board but the need to conduct the infrastructure.

Stephen serve states that the second renouned nation for NEM is Korea and NEM is perplexing to build a village and support the terms of using the blockchain in the country. The height is formulation to build a full group in Korea in sequence to rivet with the supervision and the corporate.

Moreover, NEM would be partnering with an accelerator, incubator called Foundation X. They would be assisting NEM rise the ecosystem to sight more blockchain developers.

Stephen said:

“We know that if we have more blockchain immature people who know all the module in blockchain as a developer, they can assistance have more use cases and more companies can grow out of that. And the same people, after you sight them in blockchain, they can assistance companies or governments to solve some of the issues in several industries.”

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