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The guys over at Weiss Ratings have come out with a new news citing some of the reasons because they are very bullish about their bitcoin predictions for 2019 or other cryptocurrencies streamer into 2019. In particular, Weiss Ratings is looking on the altogether marketplace trends, looking back on 2018 which was a sum disaster for the cost of cryptocurrencies but when we start to look at the big design of the crypto economy, the cost is one metric and nonetheless the cost is critical but a doubt, a lot of things have happened; more users, more investments into the attention overall. One of the biggest trends of 2018 was the downturn in the ICO application marketplace as application tokens are not proof so useful after all, unfortunately. The Weiss Ratings organisation figured out their bitcoin predictions for 2019 by looking at marketplace cycles and also at their sold rating models which looks to brand coins with a multiple of risk, reward, technology, adoption etc. With that being pronounced here are the forecasts and bitcoin predictions by Weiss Ratings along with the writer’s thoughts:

1. Bitcoin will increasingly be used as a store of value:

Bitcoin will be used as a store of value because bitcoin costs probably 0 to store, intensely fit ride and of course it is very secure. It can't be confiscated by any supervision and really no other item provides that kind of confidence or those sold singular properties when it comes down to it.

Bitcoin is extraordinary when it comes to cross-border payments, storing wealth, even though we had an 8-% decrease in 2018, but that doesn’t look at people who bought bitcoin in 2016 or 2015 and are still holding.


2. Bitcoin will strech the new all-time high in 2019:

Weiss Ratings is privately focusing on looking at the prior trends and how bitcoin has had vital runups followed by heated corrections and 2019 might be the year we might see another runup.

Understanding that the markets do pierce in cycles and the destiny might be very different from the prior cycles but chances are that it’s not going to be as different as a lot of people might like to think that it’s going to be. All the people out there job for bitcoin to go to 0 skip the point on the whole thought of this technology. 2018 might have been a good year in terms of being means to transparent out some of the tourists who were here just for the discerning games and not for the record or the wider transformation or the wider attention as a whole and those tourists will be back when the new all-time high starts happening. They will be the ones who will be shopping bitcoin from you when the more than $20,000. The grounds has been laid for the subsequent longhorn run to happen.


3. Select Altcoins will arise from relations shade to new all-time highs:

An critical thing they mentioned here is ‘a name organisation of altcoins‘. There are some extraordinary altcoins in the marketplace but a doubt. In terms of some of the application tokens, for example, remember they are startups and 90% of startups fail. These application tokens might not have so much utility, they might not have a network and if there is no network, there is no application so distribute of application tokens might disappear and sell tokens will probably continue to be impossibly popular.


4. A name organisation of cryptocurrencies will strech a multi-trillion dollar marketplace caps:

Particularly the cryptocurrencies which are focused on building the internet of the destiny can strech a multi-trillion dollar marketplace cap.

We do need a more tolerable and estimable internet that is censorship resistant and takes the energy divided from vital companies which have taken over the internet. The internet of the promises of the 90s and the internet of the existence of today are two very different things. It was very hard to envision in the 90s what could have turn of the internet. A lot of new sparkling things are being developed.


5. A name organisation of cryptocurrencies will start to interrupt banking:

A name organisation of cryptocurrencies quite Stellar Lumens and XRP will start to interrupt banking.

This presaging and the 4th predicting, we are not sure if this is indeed going to occur in 2019, maybe we are going to see the start of this function and these are long-term trends that we are looking at for 2020 and over to see really see big shake-ups function in terms of something like XRP or Stellar Lumens overthrowing the stream banking sequence to the border that they can. Perhaps we can really see SWIFT, for example, being put on notice by XRP. It seems that XRP and SWIFT are the biggest competitors to each other and if banks indeed start using XRP it could be very big.


6. Bitcoin Me-Too coins might blur away:

The bitcoin choice versions are going to have a very hard time relocating forward. So much repairs has already been finished to the communities of Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Satoshi Vision for example and others such as Bitcoin Gold or Bitcoin Diamond don’t even have a big village to be mentioned about. The new play behind Bitcoin Private’s tip pre-mine etc. The bitcoin knockoffs will continue to struggle.


7. New coins will ascend to the tip 10 spots:

Perhaps even coins like Litecoin which indeed Weiss Ratings put in their Bitcoin Knockoff or Bitcoin Me-too difficulty which is an engaging thing to see but maybe litecoin will be knocked out of the tip 10 by new bondage relocating brazen even though not a lot of people are articulate about these now but not a lot of people were articulate about most things before they became the subsequent big thing.


What are your bitcoin predictions for 2019 and your thoughts on the Weiss Ratings forecasts? Tell us your thoughts in the comments territory below.


Disclaimer: The following essay is not financial advice. It depicts the thoughts of the author on bitcoin predictions and cryptocurrency foresee and not or any of the associates. The readers are suggested to do consummate investigate and research before investing or trade in any digital resources such as bitcoin.

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