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Fintech is the new financial attention that improves the stream financial system and our bland life with innovative technologies.

New technologies in the financial sphere

The margin of financial record is building rapidly. Every year, there are more sites and applications that facilitate the remuneration for products and services, the receipt and amends of loans, as well as the common routine of income transfer.

Payment services are the most renouned in fintech today, which significantly save the time for creation payments. With their assistance present transfers within a nation and quick general ones are made. Payments using a QR formula also describe to financial technologies.

What financial record allows to increase

Financial record is designed to speed up the routine of carrying out any banking procedures.

Conceptual proceed to the growth of the fintech ecosystem

Forming the financial ecosystem will assistance financial and credit organizations in the foe for business and boost business income. However, a unpractical proceed to the growth of such ecosystem requires the growth of IT systems in sequence to collect, store and routine outrageous amounts of information both online and offline.

Innovative financial technology

The growth of financial record began in 2009 after the crisis. Banks used robots to revoke costs, began charity credit to their business online, and changed financial payments to the Internet. Much larger impact to the growth of financial record made the mobile Internet. As a result, several vital financial technologies and capabilities emerged:

  • delivery of services around the smartphone;
  • delivery of services around amicable networks;
  • alternative payments;
  • marketplaces;
  • innovative business models;
  • artificial intelligence;
  • digital marker and biometrics;
  • open API.

Investing in fintech

For the duration from 2010 to 2015 only, the volume of investments in fintech increasing to almost 20 billion, which is 10 times more in terms of investments before 2009.

According to KPMG auditing company, the volume of investments in the first half of 2018 amounted to $ 57.9 billion, which outweighed the volume for 2017.

The Fintech boom

Today, many startups do not accommodate the expectations of investors, nonetheless in 2014 the conditions was totally reversed. The insubordinate Boom of financial record fell accurately on that year, in which no name players at that time stood out, and today they are universe famous giants of the financial attention such as Square and Stripe remuneration services, which had lifted $ 150 million, Renrenda startup, that had collected $ 130 million, and p2p lending platform.

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