Five cryptocurrencies to watch in 2019

During the cryptocurrency bang of 2017, dozens of new ICOs and altcoins were expelled most every month. But their success was formed especially on the altogether courtesy uptrend and not on the projects’ benefits. Practically all of the released coins were forks of Bitcoin or Ethereum with no poignant improvements and no combined value. Investors were mostly simply blinded with fervour and hardly ever beheld deficiencies of these vital blockchains.

2018, on the other hand, was the year of beating and the tellurian improvement of the market. Regulators strengthened restrictions of cryptocurrencies, both Bitcoin and Ethereum suggested their technical flaws, and as a result, investors started to massively repel their funds. In such times, invalid coins drown, and truly viewpoint projects that offer genuine value and pierce the courtesy brazen sojourn afloat.

In this article, we are going to speak about the most earnest altcoins to watch in 2019 and the reasons because these projects are very expected to survive this crypto winter.


This is one of the most successful ICOs of 2018 as it has lifted 4 billion USD. The plan is designed for dApps developers and aims to solve mixed issues suggested by Ethereum, the most renouned height for formulating decentralized apps.

For instance, Ethereum allows to routine only 19 sell per second at the limit and additionally imposes fees on every transaction. EOS, on the other hand, has already reached almost 4,000 TPS with an infinite intensity of expansion and allows to sell supports within the network for free.

Also, to write smart contracts on Ethereum, you have to use a very formidable programming denunciation Solidity. EOS provides developers with available collection for formulating dApps such as comment handling services and databases that don’t need any special technical skills.

Although there are rumors that Dan Larimer, EOS founder, skeleton to desert the plan for the consequence of the new one, the height has good intensity and might turn the new customary for developers. So the silver that fuels the plan is really value gripping an eye on.


You might be astounded to see Ethereum here with all the deficiencies right after EOS, but this plan still has capabilities to get the place on the pedestal again.

Ethereum can be deliberate a loyal maestro of the blockchain industry. It had already seen the all-time-high at the commencement of 2018 when it reached almost 1,400 USD per 1 ETH. Hundreds of ICOs were launched using Ethereum as a basis. But after it revealed the flaws, ICOs started to massively sell it off, and the ETH cost went down dramatically reaching 100 USD by Dec 2018.

In annoy of such a decline, the plan still has outrageous potential. There’s a big village station behind Ethereum, and the owner Vitalik Buterin will eventually find a way to pierce to PoS and exercise sharding to solve problems with Ethereum’s transaction speed.


Initially formed on the ERC20 standard, Tron has managed to launch the possess mainnet. This is a energetically grown plan with a plain intensity for expansion in the future. As of Dec 2018, the number of users of the network has already surpassed 900,000, and the number of daily sell depends several million. Tron has been usually holding the first lines by the number of Github commits during the last months.

OnchainFX: Tron shows one of the best results by the number of Github commits

OnchainFX: Tron shows one of the best results by the number of Github commits

Another outrageous square of news associated to Tron is that the project has purchased BitTorrent, the biggest record pity system. The gait at which developers urge the height is impressive, and the plan has good chances to grow in the arriving year.

Cryptocurrencies to compensate courtesy to in 2019 Crypto Heroes


This is another height for building decentralized apps. It is identical to Ethereum, but with a plain advantage for developers. Lisk is formed on Javascript that is much easier than Solidity and has been used in IT area for a very long time. Simplification of the building routine is a good step towards blockchain mass implementation, and Lisk is certainly value high expectations.

Also, the fast gait of the growth is a good sign. Check the picture above; you can find Lisk on the 8th position.


There’s zero really special about this banking since it’s a counterpart of Bitcoin with some improvements in transaction speed. But it’s one of the eldest projects in the industry. It was on tip of CoinMarketCap in 2014, and it was still in the tip 10 by the end of 2018. It has a plain village of clinging fans and has all the chances to tarry this crypto winter, just as it has already finished before.

Litecoin still binds the tip of CoinMarketCap

Litecoin still binds the tip of CoinMarketCap


The Number One Rule of any critical financier is “buy low, sell high.” The cryptocurrency marketplace is apparently at the downtrend right now, and most of the crypto projects are going to get out of the diversion before the marketplace revives.

But those who have clever teams and outrageous communities behind them will tarry and significantly boost in value when the new theatre of record doing begins. Since the token cost of these projects is really low now, it’s the best time to step in for destiny profits.

P.S. Note that this is not financial advice. Make your investigate before investing into any cryptocurrency.


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