Top 5 Crypto Performers Overview: Tron, Litecoin, Binance …

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Jeff Schumacher, owner of BCG Digital Ventures, told CNBC during a row contention in Davos, Switzerland that Bitcoin will go to zero. In another talk with Fox Business, Fundstrat Global Managing Partner Thomas Lee pronounced that Bitcoin can still go to $25,000, which he calls the satisfactory value.

Analysts at JPMorgan Chase have expected that Bitcoin is expected to thrust to $2,400 and eventually serve to $1,260. Such incompatible opinions can upset new investors who are looking to enter the crypto markets.

We trust that traders should concentration on the elemental developments in the crypto space, as well as on the cost transformation on the charts. Cryptocurrencies as an item category are here to stay.

Numerous blockchain projects are securing appropriation from normal investors every month, which confirms that those investors are assured in the long-term guarantee of crypto. Crypto companies are introducing new products to attract institutional investors.

Moreover, efforts are in swell to confederate cryptocurrencies into the mainstream economy. It is only a matter of time before the bear marketplace ends and a new longhorn proviso begins.

However, this time, we don’t design a straight arise as seen in 2017. It will expected be a more light transformation higher. A few of the tip cryptocurrencies are display signs of bottoming out. Let’s see if any of the tip performers of this week validate as a buy.


Tron (TRX) was the best behaving cryptocurrency among the largest coins by marketplace top over the past week. In the weekly report, Tron pronounced that it has over “150 DApps and more than 300 intelligent contracts.”

At the new niTron Summit, Tron owner and CEO Justin Sun pronounced that he expects the number of decentralized applications (DApps) on the network to swell to 2,000 by the year-end.



The TRX/USD span is display strength as the bulls are attempting to means above the beyond insurgency at $0.02815521. As the cryptocurrency has been stranded in this operation since mid-August, we trust that a dermatitis will outcome in a new uptrend.

The evident aim design is $0.4, but we design this to be crossed and the convene to extend to $0.05218328. Therefore, we advise long positions on a tighten (UTC time frame) above $0.02815521, with a stop detriment just subsequent $0.021.

Conversely, if the cryptocurrency fails to means the dermatitis and drops subsequent $0.02815521 once again, it will sojourn operation firm between $0.0183 and $0.02815521. The perspective will mangle if the bears pull the cost subsequent the support of $0.0183.


Litecoin (LTC) has come up with a new tagline “Take control of your income and compensate with Litecoin” and a new logo. The trademark was first showcased during a UFC eventuality sponsored by the association and was widely appreciated. Will the new prophesy assistance change the fortunes for the struggling cryptocurrency? Let’s find out.



The LTC/USD span is attempting to put a bottom in place. After the initial pullback from the low of $23.090, the bulls have hold the support at $29.349 for the past 5 weeks. This increases the luck of this spin being a aloft low. We will get a acknowledgment if the cost breaks out of the downtrend line and the prior pitch high of $40.784.

Long-term investors can design the cryptocurrency to start a new uptrend if the cost sustains above $40.784. There is a teenager insurgency at $47.246, above which the pierce can extend to $65.561.

Our bullish perspective will be invalidated if the bears urge the beyond insurgency of the downtrend line, or the $40.784 mark. In such a case, the cost will sojourn operation firm between $29.349 and $40.784 for a few more weeks, before violation out or violation down from it.


Binance Coin (BNB) has made hulk strides in the past few weeks and is now ranking 12th largest silver by marketplace capitalization. Binance has spin the latest sell to offer a crypto-to-crypto over-the-counter (OTC) trade table to advantage from the swell in OTC trading.

The association has rebranded the Trust Wallet as a multi cryptocurrency wallet, adding support to a incomparable number of blockchains and has softened the several features. Binance Charity has announced a Lunch for Children module that will assistance yield lunch to disadvantaged children in building countries in Africa and elsewhere. Can BNB’s liberation continue or will it falter? Let’s see.



The BNB/USD span has reached the insurgency line of the forward channel. The 20-week EMA is also placed just above the channel. Therefore, we design a clever insurgency in the section of $7.17–$7.7.

A dermatitis and tighten (UTC time frame) above this section is expected to vigilance a trend reversal. The upside aim is $12 and if that is crossed, the pierce can extend to $15. We keep the buy due in the prior weekly analysis.

If the position gets filled, we advise traders book prejudiced increase at insurgency levels and lift the stops on the remaining amount. After all, the perspective of the broader crypto marketplace is still negative, so it is better to slot small increase while one can, instead of watchful for a home run.

Our bullish arrogance will be invalidated if the cost reverses instruction from the stream levels. The downtrend will resume if the bears penetrate the silver subsequent $4.1723848.  


Dash recently expelled chronicle 0.13 of the build, and 47 percent of masternodes have already transitioned to it. The cryptocurrency is already quite renouned in Venezuela with over 2,600 merchants usurpation it.

We design the latest domestic predicament in Venezuela to attract more people to Dash, and this will prominence the significance of cryptocurrencies during times of disturbance and crisis. Anypay and eGifter have partnered with coin, permitting business to spin their DASH into eGift cards but converting to fiat. Can these elemental factors propel the price? Let’s find out.



The long-term trend in the DASH/USD span is still down. The bulls are attempting to form a aloft low around $67. However, both relocating averages are trending down, and the RSI is also tighten to the oversold levels. This shows that the sellers now have the top hand. If the bears penetrate the cryptocurrency subsequent $56.214, the downtrend will resume.

The span will uncover signs of strength if it breaks out of the beyond insurgency section of $103–$123. If that happens, a convene to $175 and above it to $224 will be probable. Another probability is that the bears urge the evident insurgency at $103.261, ensuing in a consolidation.


Monero (XMR) managed to end the week with teenager gains even though it was in the news for the wrong reasons. A study published by academics from Spain and the UK has highlighted that about 4.3 percent of Monero’s sum supply was mined illegally.

The crypto sell Gemini chose to list Dash instead of Monero because the founders, the Winklevoss Twins trust that the regulators would be more auspicious to Dash. When the cost doesn’t tumble even amidst inauspicious news, it is customarily a certain sign. So, is it a good time to buy? Let’s find out.



The XMR/USD span has been consolidating in a parsimonious operation of $38.5–$60.147 for the past 8 weeks. A relapse of the operation will resume the downtrend and can pull it towards the subsequent support at $28.

On the other hand, a mangle out of the operation can propel the cryptocurrency to the beyond insurgency at $81. The downsloping 20-week EMA is located just subsequent this level. Hence, we design a clever insurgency at $75–$81.

As the cost is now trade tighten to the yearly low, we are not suggesting any trades. We might advise long positions if the span sustains above $81.  

Market information is supposing by the HitBTC exchange. Charts for research are supposing by TradingView.

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