Top 5 Crypto Performers Overview: TRON, Bitcoin, Litecoin …

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On Oct 11, the sum marketplace capitalization of the cryptocurrencies plunged subsequent $200 billion for the first time since September 20, as a tellurian risk-off trade led investors to dump their holdings. However, the enlivening pointer is that the sell-off was ephemeral and most currencies are perplexing to scratch back.

The subsequent week is vicious because it will yield discernment on possibly the currencies will mangle down of their pivotal supports or arise above their beyond resistances. A relapse to new lows will be disastrous and might vigilance the prolongation of the ongoing bear market. On the other hand, if the bulls attain in scaling the pivotal levels, it will vigilance a expected bottom and might attract buying.

Let’s take a look at the tip 5 performers of the week and their medium-term outlook.


Among the digital currencies that have a marketplace capitalization of more than $1 billion, TRON is the only one that has managed to stay in the immature in the past 7 days. Two news stories captivated buyers in a operation bound/falling market.

The first news that pushed prices aloft was the tweet from Justin Sun, CEO of TRON on Oct 08. He pronounced that the latest ascent would make the digital banking “200x faster than Ethereum and cost 100x cheaper than EOS.”

The second news that led to aloft prices was the tweet on Oct 12 that hinted at a partnership with an attention giant.

So, can this elemental news propel prices aloft and should the investors buy now? Let’s investigate the charts and find out.



The TRX/USD span surfaced out at $0.35013935 on Jan 05. At the stream levels, the cost is down about 93 percent from the highs. Since Aug 14, it has stopped forward and is perplexing to form a range. Such a converging shows that the owners of the digital banking are in no precipitate to sell their holdings. Additionally, the investors are shopping on dips, tighten to $0.0183.

The operation has seen two touches at the tip and two at the bottom. If the bulls mangle out and means above the range, it will prove the illusive start of a new uptrend. The first settlement aim is $0.03801042. However, when the dermatitis happens after a vast consolidation, it easily overshoots the smallest settlement target. Therefore, in the medium-term, investors can design a pierce to $0.0415 followed by a convene to $0.052.

If the bears penetrate prices subsequent $0.01587681, the downtrend will resume. Therefore, we advise traders wait for a reliable dermatitis and only then trigger a long position.


The sell-off in the tellurian batch markets hold up with Bitcoin. The warning by International Monetary Fund (IMF) that the “rapid growth” of the new item category could emanate “new vulnerabilities in the general financial system,” did not assistance matters either.

Global economist Nouriel Roubini continued his anti-crypto rhetoric. He called cryptocurrencies “the mom or father of all scams and bubbles,” and the blockchain record as “nothing better than a saved spreadsheet or database.”

Another study from Juniper Research warned of an implosion in the crypto markets. Still, the BTC/USD span finished as the second-best performer among the mega tip digital currencies. So, does this vigilance shopping at the lows?



On a medium-term timeframe, Bitcoin has shaped a vast forward triangle pattern. It has shaped unbroken reduce highs but has mostly hold the $6,000 levels in 2018. Each reduce high shows that the sellers are in a precipitate to brief or repay their positions and are not watchful for aloft levels. The bulls have been shopping only on dips tighten to $6,000, which has resulted in the support being held.

If the bears mangle the $5,900 levels, it is expected to attract serve brief offered and long liquidation, pulling prices to $5,450 and $5,000 levels. The first pointer of a change in trend will be a tighten above the downtrend line of the triangle.

Investors should wait for a dermatitis above the most new low of $6,831.99 to means for about 3 days before branch bullish.


Winklevoss twins led cryptocurrency sell Gemini, has received the compulsory regulatory capitulation to supplement Litecoin trade and control since Oct 12.



The LTC/USD span has been in a solid downtrend. Previous attempts to stabilise and start a new uptrend have unsuccessful at aloft levels. For the past two months, the digital banking has been consolidating in a parsimonious operation nearby the lows. A relapse of the operation will resume the downtrend.

If the bulls attain in violation out of the range, a convene to $94 levels is possible. A new uptrend will be reliable only after the practical banking successfully defends the dermatitis of the operation and creates a array of aloft highs and aloft lows. Until then, it is best to sojourn on the sidelines.


The EOS village is perplexing to overpass the opening between the West and the East. Language barriers, informative differences and use of different platforms for talking with each other were causing issues to the Chinese users. The EOS Mandarin Arbitration Community (EMAC), combined to assistance the Mandarin-speaking users, is believed to be means to pierce the two continents together.



In the medium-term time frame, the EOS/USD span has mostly been operation firm between $18.67-$3.8723. Both the tip and the bottom of the operation have been tested twice. Though the bulls pennyless out of the operation in end-April, they could not means the highs and prices crashed back into the range.

On the downside, the bulls have been fortifying the bottom of the operation but have unsuccessful to convene higher. The digital banking has been trade tighten to the bottom of the operation for the past two months. A relapse can start a new downtrend that can outcome in a pointy fall.

On the upside, a dermatitis of $6.8299 will vigilance the start of a new upswing. The first aim is $9.1668. If the bulls scale $10 levels, a convene to $15 is possible.


Charles Hoskinson, owner of Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK), and Ken Kodama, CEO of Emurgo have demanded the abdication of Michael Parsons, authority of the Cardano Foundation. They have cited miss of opening and the non-responsive opinion of the legislature and the authority as a “great frustration.” The Foundation is nonetheless to respond.

The possibility of Coinbase listing the silver is doing the rounds. If successful, it might give a boost to Cardano’s price. So, is it value buying? Let’s find out.



The ADA/USD span has been in a long-term downtrend. It has depressed about 94 percent from the highs of $1.396281, reached on Jan 05. Various attempts to start a new uptrend have unsuccessful as aloft levels attract selling.

For the past one month, the digital banking is perplexing to form a operation tighten to the bottom. If the bears mangle down of $0.060105, it will resume the downtrend.

On the upside, the bulls will have to scale $0.094256 and $0.111843 to vigilance strength. A method of aloft highs and aloft lows will outrider the start of a new uptrend. If the bulls dermatitis and tighten (UTC time frame) above $0.111843 for 3 days in a row, a pierce to $0.2-$0.23 is probable. Medium-term traders should wait for a new uptrend to start before initiating any long positions.

The marketplace information is supposing by the HitBTC exchange. The charts for the research are supposing by TradingView.

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