(Note: we wrote this last Tuesday, but hold off edition because no exchanges indeed authorised Litecoin Cash (LCC) deposits, origination this routine pointless. There is now one sell permitting LCC deposits and trades (see step 3 of the article), so it’s finally probable to unpack your LCC by following this guide.)

This past Sunday, the Litecoin (LTC) blockchain was hard-forked to emanate a new silver called Litecoin Cash (LCC), in much the same way that Bitcoin Cash was combined back in Aug of last year. Many in the cryptocurrency village cruise forks like these to be elementary money grabs at best, and potential scams at worst. In a lucid world, Litecoin Cash should be scarcely worthless—but the cryptocurrency space is still jam-packed with people perplexing to strike it abounding on “the subsequent Bitcoin/Litecoin/Ethereum”, and the awaiting of shopping up what they understand as Litecoin 2.0 for a fragment of the cost of the genuine thing contingency seem really appealing.

At least, that’s positively the way it seems, given that the cost of Litecoin Cash has increasing about 500% since the origination roughly 48 hours ago. A singular LCC silver is value scarcely $10 on, the only sell that is now ancillary LCC as distant as we can tell. Given that the LCC hard flare combined 10 times as many coins as there were on the original LTC blockchain (e.g.: for every 1 Litecoin, the flare combined 10 Litecoin Cash coins), this is an objectively absurd gratefulness that should hopefully arrange itself out as people start to think more critically about radically formulating copies of resources (update 2/25: the cost on is down to ~$6, but deposits aren’t allowed—CryptoBridge does support deposits and trading, but the cost of LCC is hovering around one dollar there).

But in the meantime, those of us holding Litecoin at the time of the flare now also have some Litecoin Cash (10x as much, to be exact—if you had 10 LTC when the flare occurred, you now also have 100 LCC). Given the stream cost of LCC, this is a good event to dump your split coins and collect up some radically giveaway LTC (or ETH, BTC, USD…).

Read on for a simple beam on how to safely sell your LCC.

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