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TrustToken Announces Real-Time Confirmation Of Funds And 1-Click Redemptions For TrueUSD

TrustToken introduced the subsequent era of authorised and technical standards for stablecoins, including 1-click redemptions, $1k smallest for purchases/redemptions, and a real-time dashboard to determine TrueUSD funds.
San Francisco, CA – Mar 5th, 2019, TrustToken announced new standards for fiat-backed stablecoins as it celebrates the one year anniversary of TrueUSD, a regulated stablecoin entirely redeemable for USD. Through a new partnership with Armanino, a tip 25 eccentric accounting firm, TrueUSD traders will be means to perspective a real-time dashboard of TrueUSD funds, advancing clarity from months to minutes. The real-time dashboard has been built exclusively by Armanino and will provide…

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