Zignaly Review: Crypto Trading Bot Platform with TradingView Support

Zignaly is a trade depot with cryptocurrency trade bots that lets you trade automatically with assistance from outmost crypto vigilance providers. Zignaly is impossibly easy to use and can be employed as a pacifist income machine. The height lets you easily bond with a TradingView account, so you can use it with your favorite indicators. Alternatively, you can use the Zignaly trade depot to emanate your full plan at once.

The height is flourishing very fast as more and more people learn it. Last December, the monthly trade volume was $2.2 million, and by January, it was already over $5 million. On Jan 1, 2019, the change among all users was over 240 Bitcoins. Zignaly is flourishing in every way, with over 29,000 positions combined in Dec 2018 and an normal user expansion month over month of 170 percent.


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Signal Providers

At the time of writing, Zignaly supports 21 different cryptocurrency vigilance providers, but the list is constantly growing. All of those vigilance providers are of high peculiarity and have copiousness of experience. Most of the vigilance providers will also share the ideal settings to safeguard their signals work properly.

Signal Providers

There is now a brew of giveaway and paid signals from providers such as Crypto Quality Signals and Mining Hamster Signals.

Types of Trades

Zignaly supports both elementary and modernized trade actions. Basic facilities embody things like take profit, trailing stop, and stop loss. Advanced options charity embody smallest volume filters, cost deviations, and DCA (ReBuy Strategy).

The ability to use a trailing stop detriment underline is quite critical since most exchanges do not offer this choice notwithstanding it being among the most used strategies for shutting in crypto trading. With a trailing stop loss, you follow the cost of the crypto until a marketplace reversal.

Order Types

Supported Cryptocurrencies

To give clients the most out of the platform, Zignaly does not extent the coins that you can trade with the platform. Instead, it always accepts all pairs from the enabled vigilance provider that you choose. This lets you maximize the advantages of your selected vigilance provider.

How Do You Trade With Zignaly?

Zignaly supports your TradingView comment and the ability to use those indicators. The height includes a TradingView Bot that lets you send your possess signals right from TradingView with the Cryptocurrency Signal Finder recommendations or indicators.

Or you can use the trade depot from Zignaly. The trade depot lets you manually open positions with your whole strategy. You contingency emanate a plan instead of directly environment the take profit, trailing stop, and stop detriment all together on the exchange.

With the Zignaly trade terminal, you can set up your full plan but any limitations. The depot includes high-end facilities such as the ability to separate your distinction targets, check results for each position, trailing stop orders that combine, and point sequence forms that are different nonetheless on the same balance.


Ease of Use

The group behind Zignaly privately designed it to be easy to use, creation that a priority from the time of launch. Those removing used to the height can start with some elementary configurations within the ubiquitous settings. You only have to use as many settings as you want as many of them are optional. To serve boost the platform’s ease-of-use, Zignaly includes explanations for every underline on each tool, so you entirely know each feature. Overall, you should be means to start using Zignaly in just 10 mins or less.

What Else Should You Know About Trading With Zignaly?

All you have to do to use Zignaly is bond it with the vigilance providers of your choice and let it trade automatically, so you can make income even while you sleep. You can use auto-mode by usurpation Sell signals. Or you can set up your possess set of manners to tighten your positions and let it run. You can also use Zignaly as a bot for TradingView with your possess sell and buy signals that you send to Zignaly.

You can accept multi-targets from signals, and there are DCA-based rebuy plan options. You can opt for sell signals to automate the close, trade with TradingView signals, and use trailing stop losses.

Zignaly Pricing

Zignaly is indeed affordable, charity a much cheaper cost than most competitors. The stream cost is just $12 a month, which is reduction than half of the closest competitors. This offers good value for income and gives you more room to grow a distinction with your cryptocurrency trading.

Zignaly Pricing

To assistance you safeguard that you like Zignaly before creation a commitment, you can take advantage of the giveaway 30-day trial, which does not need a credit card, so you know you will not be charged.

Zignaly is a use that is entirely online, and it is cloud-based. Because it runs on the cloud, you get a long list of benefits, including no need to understanding with servers yourself, no installation, and the fact that the height is always updated.

Is Zignaly Safe?

Since Zignaly involves your money, the association takes countless stairs to safeguard the confidence of your supports at all times. Zignaly always trades directly with the sell side. This means that your coins are always on the exchange, so you do not need to worry about withdrawal rights.

You get additional confidence from the fact that Zignaly does not store any supports for you, so you do not have to deposition anything. The balances sojourn with the sell of your choice, so you would ask them for a withdrawal, and they control your funds.


Zignaly is a cryptocurrency trade bot and a exclusive trade depot that gives users the ability to easily trade cryptocurrencies using programmed strategies. You can use Zignaly with TradingView accounts, take advantage of a flourishing list of vigilance providers, and implement a operation of sequence types. Since your supports sojourn on your selected cryptocurrency exchange, the confidence concerns compared with using Zignaly are minimal. Even so, the height has clever confidence measures in place.

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