Research Firm Charts Unspent BTC and Calls a Market Bottom in Q1 2019

“How many unspent bitcoins exist?”

“How many bitcoins have been lost?”

“How many bitcoins are left sitting in wallets, and how does this impact price?”

If any (or all) of these questions have ever popped into your head, you’re in good company: They’ve crossed the minds of analysts at Delphi Digital, the self-named “research consulting boutique specializing in the digital item market.”

The organisation just expelled research on the stream state of the bitcoin market, and they trust they’ve forecasted a intensity bottom for the disappearing prices (FYI, they think it’s entrance someday in Q1 of 2019, but more on that later). Delphi Digital gave us an early look at the news before announcing it on amicable media Jan 10.

This news isn’t your typical, shot-in-the-dark cost vigilance from an old bull, Twitter merchant or crypto entrepreneur. They didn’t use the common sorcery tricks of technical research or rehash arguments of elemental value. They’re creation their call by referencing unspent transaction outlay information (UTXO).

Methods and Findings

The report, patrician “Bitcoin Holder Analysis Through Cycles,” builds on research Delphi Digital conducted for an progressing news entitled “The State of Bitcoin.” Namely, it creates a cost foresee by observation offered vigour through the lens of UTXO.

Looking at UTXO data, Delphi Digital was means to pinpoint accumulation and offered patterns formed on when unspent bitcoin possibly lay asleep or was changed to be sold. In the report, the organisation claims that there “have been unchanging trends in UTXO age placement and how that placement relates to time and price.”

Delphi Digital’s news comes with a accessible graph to illustrate these trends. Positioned underneath a bitcoin cost chart, the organisation tracked the commission of unspent bitcoins in ≤ 3 month, 3–6 month, 6–12 month, 1+ year, 1–2 year, 2–3 year, 3–5 year and 5+ durations in a array of charts. They cover every vital bang and bust in their analysis, with information dating back to the commencement of the network (though there wasn’t much going on in the first year).


In short, the research finds a estimable association between a arise in the sum number of coins that haven’t been overwhelmed in 1+ year(s) and a dump in the number of 1+ year UTXO as prices fall.

This isn’t too surprising. As the long-term holders and early adopters of each cycle see a fast appreciation of their investment, they dump. And, as the news points out, this transfer creates a era of bag holders on the other end of the transaction. New income comes at the design of a cycle, investors buy the tip and those late to the celebration are left with overpriced celebration favors.

The bulk of the news looks at the time bands to diagnose the most new marketplace cycle. Breaking down the 1+ year rope into 1–2 year, 2–3 year, 3–5 year and 5+ periods, the firm’s information indicates that the UTXO for the 1+ year time rope found a building mid into 2018 and has topsy-turvy to an ceiling trend. Delphi Digital resolved that this expected indicates that long-term holding (3–5+) offered vigour is tighten to exhausted, and so projects that the marketplace will strike a bottom some time in Q1 of 2019.

Time bands can only change if a) coins are spent and these coins then regression to the ≤ 3 month rope or b) if coins sojourn unspent and connoisseur to an comparison band. Given this logic, Delphi used the 5+ year UTXO as a non-static to sign offered vigour from coins in the 3–5 year band, since most of the coins in the 5+ rope are mislaid (Chainanalysis finds that some 2.78–3.79 million could be lost, roughly 1 million of which are probably Satoshi’s).

While the 5+ year rope has remained immobile during 2018’s bear, the draft shows a transparent rebate in the 3–5 year rope and a arise in the 1+ year band, definition that 2–5 year coins are being spent, not graduating to the 5+ range.

“We can safely assume the primary source of offered came from silver owners who’ve been holding for 3–5 years,” Delphi Digital hypothesizes in the report.

“Within the analysis, we are means to settle that offered vigour from long-term holders is significantly tapped, and accumulation has begun. Using the timing of prior cost bottoms relations to different bitcoin accumulation points, we can use stream UTXO dynamics to foresee a severe date for a cost bottom,” the organisation pronounced in association with Bitcoin Magazine.


Delphi Digital’s commentary will expected move some service to hodlers who have weathered the 2018 bear market.

It also offers an assured glance at what the arena of the subsequent cycle might be.

Using some brain-bending statistical gymnastics, the organisation “compared the width of the 6–12m line to see what apportionment it made up of the 1+ year bottom to tip amplitude” (i.e., looking at the commission (amplitude) of the 6–12 month rope compared to the lowest and top point in the 1+ year rope for a cycle).


Sizing up the 6–12 month rope and the 1+ year rope for this cycle opposite prior ones, the Delphi Digital projects that the subsequent cycle’s rise will come around Apr 17, 2020.

Now don’t go take out a second debt on your house/car/vintage doll collection. Delphi Digital admits that the information is limited, but it also believes that the coherence of the information (that the rise of marketplace cycles conform with the a roughly 63–68 percent rise in the 1+ year UTXO time band). Still, the organisation cautions that it is “difficult to be assured in a foresee for a date this distant out.”

“The purpose of this research is to yield discernment on bitcoin hilt patterns to urge our prepared theory on the timing of the cost bottom. As we contend within the report, we don’t trust this research should duty as an indicator on the possess — but rather it should be used in multiple with other applicable information to make the most sensitive preference possible,” Delphi Digital told Bitcoin Magazine.

Plenty of attention advancements and events could interrupt the projected cycle, Delphi Digital continued to explain. Most notably, it expects the maturation of the Lightning Network and ubiquitous adoption to tame volatility. Moreover, it also anticipates that the subsequent halvening (~May 2020) will also moderate offered pressure.

Delphi Digital will continue to recover reports such as this one throughout the year.

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