Litecoin (LTC) Touching a Highest Price in a Last 6 Months: Becomes a 4th-Largest Crypto

It appears that the list of tip trade cryptocurrencies
changed once again during the last 7 days, as XRP forsaken down to the spot
of the third-largest cryptocurrency, permitting Ethereum to take the previous
ranking back, and Litecoin (LTC) managed to take over the place of the 4th biggest crypto by marketplace capitalization.

Even at the peak, Litecoin was positioned at the highest
personal arrange as the 5th largest digital item in the market,
however, the altogether cryptocurrency predicament and the remarkable weekly swell of over
30% at one point, pushed the crypto towards a more good ranking.

(LTC) Ranked as the 4th-Largest Cryptocurrency

With over 2.6 billion dollars in marketplace capitalization,
Litecoin took over the mark of the 4th biggest digital asset,
however, EOS (EOS) is trade nearby LTC as around this time during the last year
when EOS took over LTC’s place and sent it down to a reduce ranking as the 6th largest banking in the market.

EOS is once again means to pull LTC out as the crypto is trade up by 16% in the course of the last 7 days, “only” around 70 million dollars divided from removing past the marketplace tip of Litecoin.

Litecoin (LTC) – Weekly Chart – Coinlib

However, Litecoin appears to be one of the tip trade cryptos
on the list of tip 10 cryptocurrencies as LTC is now display 29% up against
the fiat in the last week, at one point touching 32% on the weekly list.

On the other hand, EOS is display a daily swell as well,
going up by 1.45% in the last 24 hours, while Litecoin mislaid scarcely -8% within
the same timeframe, risking to remove the newly acquired arrange to EOS once again.

Lee is Planning on Adding Confidential Transactions to Litecoin (LTC)

In the meanwhile, Charlie Lee, the owner and CEO of LTC and
Litecoin foundation, the startup behind the first Bitcoin hard fork, announced
at the end on Jan in one of his central posts on Twitter, that the group is
planning on creation Litecoin more “fungible”.

As Charlie Lee described in the initial tweet, fungibility is “what
sound income needs” and what Bitcoin and Litecoin are lacking, which is because he
decided to start a new bridgehead on the matter of fungibility and privacy.

In sequence to support the described idea, Charlie Lee stated
that he is focused on creation Litecoin more fungible with Confidential

Moreover, the group behind Litecoin on the conduct with Charlie
Lee is scheming tests for the arriving upgrades that should move some changes
to the Litecoin network.

As Charlie Lee settled in one of his latest tweets published on
February 11th, once the group would emanate a plain plan, they would
write a Litecoin Improvement Proposal and contention it to the village for an
open debate.

On Feb 11th, after the daily detriment of -7.7% opposite the fiat, Litecoin is still trade above the value of 40$, trade at 43$ per one LTC.  

Image Credit: BitcoinExchangeGuide

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