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As Justin Sun settled many times before, Tron skeleton to decentralize the Internet, permitting calm producers equivocate centralized giants, like YouTube and Google, in sequence to monetize their work. Companies that build their apps on Tron share these ideas. The new Tron-powered BOOK devise intends to assistance novella and nonfiction authors monetize their work, avoiding Amazon and identical companies.

Book marketplace of the future

In the nearby future, the BOOK devise intends to launch a testnet patrician Dummy Book Network. It is going to be powered by a WRT token. The trials on the net will concede the dev group to urge the network and discharge any bugs that might emerge in the process.

In the future, the doing of this operational intrigue will concede authors to do but websites, like Amazon, that assign outrageous fees, and keep all their royalties. Authors will be means to set up the cost for their books that they trust is fair. The cost will count on books content.

At the same time, book buyers will be means to squeeze books in a faster and easier manner. Besides, it will capacitate them to acquire WRT tokens for withdrawal reviews for the books they have bought and read.

The devise is going to work on a Proof-of-Work accord resource with a SHA-256 algorithm.

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How it works

The vital token (exchange-traded one) for creation purchases will be WRT. However, readers will also be means to buy books with crypto such as BTC, TRX, ETH, ADA, XRP, etc. As per the confidant plan, authors will accept 100 percent of the books price.

All users of the Book network will have accounts – authors and customers. The accounts will be stable by a 2-factor authentication.

The resource is to work in the following way – a reader chooses a book. Then he/she buys WRT tokens on an sell and sends them to an author’s wallet directly. After the author receives an email as a explanation of purchase, he sends the book to the buyer. Apart from the book, the customer gets 100 points for the purchase, which is equal to 0.001 WRT, so earning additional tokens for destiny purchases on the network.

First, business will be offering possibly a PDF format or an E-Book. Later, as the network becomes popular, audio books will also be for sale there.



The WRT dApp

The WRT dApp will be identical to Google Books in many ways, solely it will be decentralized. The app will concede authors check their sales on the network and safely repel their royalties in WRT coins.

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