HBUS Cryptocurrency Exchange Re-Branded to Huobi

The HBUS cryptocurrency exchange, which is the central US partner of China-based cryptocurrency sell Huobi will now be famous as Huobi in the US as well. The association announced this vital change to their branding progressing today – and have even allotted new domain names to the former-HBUS exchange, as well as the original China-based Huobi. While HBUS now moves over to Huobi.com, the original Huobi cryptocurrency sell can now be accessed at HGB.com

However, this needs to be remarkable that this is a change quite for the optics of it – and there has been no change in the way possibly of the companies are managed. It is also probable that this change of domains might upset some users for some time. However, this rebranding is expected to be profitable for HBUS because of the goodwill that comes with the Huobi code name. 

The exchange, before famous as HBUS, charity the users with 13 cryptocurrency trade pairs. In the US markets, it competes with several names, but essentially aims at the tip mark that Coinbase occupies. The association strictly announced this change in a press release, where the CEO of HBUS, Frank Fu, has said:

Huobi Global a universe heading digital item exchange, generally in Asia, and the name ‘Huobi’ is a absolute code in the digital item world, representing dependability, flexibility, and confidence for more than half a decade. Leveraging our extended partnership with Huobi Group, we’ll continue to work the trade height in a compliance-committed manner, charity far-reaching token variety.

Earlier in 2018, HBUS became one of the singular few cryptocurrency exchanges which had started off with a billboard promotion debate in the US. This debate saw HBUS take shots at Coinbase as well as the Wall Street firms. The association has been around in the US markets for a brief while but has already made a name for itself. While Huobi is the fourth largest cryptocurrency sell in the world, station in at a daily trade volume of $330 Million – HBUS doesn’t underline in the list of CoinMarketCap’s Top 10 crypto exchanges by volume – hinting that the daily trade volume might be obtuse than 1.5 Million USD.

To foster the platform, HBUS has launched a promotional intrigue where rebates on trades as well as discounts for new users are being offered. In the Press Release released by the firm, HBG CEO Leon Li commented, saying:

We feel very assured that the HBUS group will be glorious stewards of the ‘Huobi’ name as they turn the tip digital item sell in the U.S.

While 2018 wasn’t really a good year for cryptocurrency markets, it has been a good time for Huobi – as the association has been strategizing several enlargement plans. Huobi started off in the US and Australian markets – as well as directed towards the Japanese markets. Moreover, the association got Randi Zuckerberg, the sister of Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg as a member of the advisory committee. Another vital name to turn a part of Huobi was the former OKEx CEO, who assimilated the association as the VP of business development. The association also started off with their P2P use in India. Huobi has had a good year in 2018 and the association is expected to enhance even serve in 2019. Stay tuned with us at Cryptoground for more updates from the universe of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology. 

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