Inheritance Planning for Cryptocurrencies: 3 Steps in 3 Minutes

I’ll be expanding these ideas in a stirring essay and book but with prices skyrocketing, and so many new people owning tokens for the first time, we want to yield a discerning anxiety beam that you can finish in reduction than 10 mins to assistance strengthen your new assets.

How to use this guide: The fastest, most secure way to use beam this is to imitation two copies of it as-is, don’t fill in the blanks on your computer. Next, get two sheets of paper and use a coop to write down the critical information your heirs will need on both sheets of paper. Attach one piece to each duplicate of this beam and store it securely. Alternatively, you could imitation on one side of the page and write your instructions on the other side of the paper.

There are 3 things that your heirs MUST know about in sequence to entrance these tokens and keep them safe: exchanges, wallets, and devices. We’ll try each in order.


Most exchanges are centralized and reason supports for you in an comment to concede you to trade between internal banking and cryptocurrency. Many people squeeze their first bitcoin or ether, using their internal currency, through exchanges like Coinbase, Xapo, Bitfinex, Kraken, or Poloniex. Often, but not always, people couple their normal bank accounts to these services.

What do your heirs need to know? If your desired ones don’t know the sell comment exists they can't entrance it, so at minimum, they need to know what exchanges you’re now using and the ones that you no longer use but are still open. You do not need to list the cue or login credentials; in fact, in a elementary register you shouldn’t embody them. Do not count on your family reckoning out what exchanges you use formed on your bank statements. Do not count on the sell to hit your family; they will not know you’ve passed.

An example of what you’ll write on your piece of paper:

“I have accounts at

, and
__ exchanges to trade cryptocurrencies. There might be a change in USD / EUR and/or a change in any or all cryptocurrencies listed on the exchanges.”

Note: If you’re using a decentralized sell like Bisq, first, acclamation to you, and second, you’ll need to follow the procedures for wallets listed below.


Wallets can be a bit trickier because mostly it’s formidable for people to know if they are using a “hosted wallet,” like an sell where you don’t indeed possess your keys, or a non-hosted wallet, where you do. Many exchanges have their possess wallets, most of these are “hosted wallets.” If you’re using a hardware wallet, you possess your possess keys. If you’re using a program wallet that constantly reminds you to “backup your wallet,” you probably possess your possess keys. If you’re not sure, try opening your wallet’s settings and look for a “wallet backup” or likewise named feature.

If you haven’t corroborated up your wallet yet, do it now. Seriously. Stop reading this article, take out a another piece of paper, hand-write the name of the program and the wallet backup information. Be sure there are no cameras or meddling eyes around. Put the backup in an ambiguous pouch and store it in a safe, secure place. Then come back to this article.

What do your heirs need to know? If you’re using a hosted wallet, follow the instructions for exchanges above and plead that you also use the compared wallet. If you’re holding your possess keys (which you should be for the infancy of your holdings), then your heirs will need to know at slightest two things: (1) the name of the wallets you use, and (2) where your wallet backups are located. The name of the wallet program is quite critical if you are using a singular wallet to entrance more than one form of token.

If you use modernized features, like an encryption cue for paper wallets (BIP38) or passphrase for seeds (BIP39), they will also need to know where those are stored (which should be alone from the seeds themselves). You do not have to list all of the tokens you hold, quite if you’re actively trading. Whoever is assisting your heirs entrance the tokens should know wallet program and be means to hunt for all tokens available using the software.

An example of what you’ll write on your piece of paper:

“I use Trezor, Ledger, Samourai, Jaxx, and Green Address wallets to entrance my cryptocurrencies. we use my Ledger and Jaxx wallets to entrance mixed currencies. The rest are bitcoin only.

You can find the wallet backups among my other critical papers stored in a safe at XYX bank branch. Or hit my cousin Ray and my sister Lisel to locate my wallet backups. Or I’ve left instructions on how to find my wallet backups at


Warning, anyone who has entrance to these backups can take the supports and you or your heirs won’t be means to get them back. Watch ‘helpers’ carefully.”


What do your heirs need to know? They will need to know what devicesyou use to entrance your wallet accounts. Why? Because these inclination probably have copies of your keys stored on them and it’s critical that your heirs know not to chuck away, donate, gift, or destroy these inclination until the supports have been successfully changed to the estate or changed to your heirs. You don’t need to give them your entrance codes and passwords, unless you’re relying on them to use these inclination to entrance your cryptocurrency which is a bad thought for many reasons — too many to plead here. If you use a hardware wallet, imitation a design of the device (a batch print is fine) to insert to this request so that your heirs will be means to brand it.

An example of what you’ll write on your piece of paper:

“It’s very critical that you keep my phone, laptop, and any inclination that look like the print enclosed on the following page until the estate is entirely settled. Don’t let anyone entrance these inclination but examination them carefully.”


Your heirs will probably need someone to assistance them entrance your cryptocurrencies and item tokens. If you can easily think of people you trust to help, then list them. we cite carrying at slightest two ‘helpers’ designated, from different organizations or different sides of the family. The thought is that you want people who probably won’t cooperate to take the assets. My clients mostly list Third Key Solutions LLC,, as one of the helpers, but of course that’s not required. Remember this is just a bonus; if you’re not prepared to dedicate to helpers now, just replace that section. Don’t let that stop you from essay out your register now.

An example of what you’ll write on your piece of paper:

“My best crony Jessie Leverski can work with Third Key Solutions, at, to assistance you entrance these funds.”

While doing these few things won’t pledge your cryptocurrencies and tokens will go to the people you want them to (that requires a will, testament, or authorised trust), not doing them will almost positively pledge your heirs won’t be means to advantage from your cryptocurrency holdings. This is the first step in what, for most people, should turn a more extensive plan, generally if you’re holding a vast volume of cryptocurrency. But that arrange of formulation takes time. Using this guide, you can start safeguarding your desired ones in just a few minutes. Select “print”, write down a few things on paper, store the beam securely, and nap better tonight meaningful you’ve started formulation for their future.

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