XRP Price Analysis: XRP/USD May Have to Return Back Down to $0.30-$0.25 Range Again

  • XMR/USD cost movement around the daily draft perspective has breached a vicious descending trend line of support.
  • A investigate suggests that Monero is still the number 1 renouned cryptocurrency among cyber criminals.

XMR/USD Price Review

XMR/USD daily chart. Bears mangle critical descending trend line.

The XMR/USD cost had primarily staged a clever miscarry on 15th Dec 2018. It was very well upheld by an descending trend line, which supposing the indispensable rebound each time the cost met it.  Over the course of the elevation, XMR/USD went on to benefit as much as 55%. This support had been using right up to the event of 10th January.

A uninformed call of offered vigour strike the whole cryptocurrency marketplace on Thursday 10th January. As a result, the bears managed to pound through the above-detailed descending trend line. This saw XMR/USD dropping big double-digits and over 18% at the worse point of the day. Further downside was halted interjection to a vast daily support level, seen at $44.25.

Since attack the above-mentioned daily support, at the time of writing, cost movement has stabilized. Given the dermatitis of the long-running trend line, eyes will now be on a retest of this. This means XMR/USD could run back up to $53 to come back into vicinity with the before behaving support. The bulls will expected have a new plea in violation it down.

Monero is Cyber Criminals’ Favorite

A new investigate has suggested that Monero stays the most renouned cryptocurrency among cyber criminals.  They have been deploying mining malware, which has been means to amass a vast volume of XMR.

Sergio Pastrana and Guillermo Suarez-Tangil, two researchers, published their commentary last week. They are from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and King’s College London, carrying estimated that hackers have be means to cave at slightest 4.32% of the sum Monero in circulation.

In terms of the data, it goes back to 2007, covering crypto mining malware and examining over 4.4 million samples of malware during the 12-year period. Furthermore, the investigate picked up on over one million miners of a antagonistic nature.

Both researchers minute that around 2,218 malware campaigns had taken place, which amassed to roughly 720,000 XMR, value around $57 million. Elsewhere, there is another debate that is still in process, which has grabbed as much as 163,000 XMR to date.

In terms of the strategy that were adopted to discharge the malware, this has been reported to vary. The researchers did not that a “common nonetheless effective proceed is to use legitimate infrastructure such as Dropbox or GitHub to horde the droppers, and batch mining collection such as claymore and xmrig to do the tangible mining.”

Lastly, it is value observant that back in Dec McAfee published a news which minute occurrences of crypto-mining malware had jumped well over 4,000% last year.

Disclaimer: The author owns Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. He binds investment positions in the coins, but does not rivet in short-term or day-trading.

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