What is The Future Of NEO Coins?

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NEO coins, also famous as Chinese Ethereum, and for good reasons, has proven the intensity by origination the entrance into the Top 10 Cryptocurrency club.

NEO is not just a digital item but way more than that, just like Ethereum it acts as a height for other new entrants and helps them emanate a decentralized concentration and smart contracts, two big things in the Blockchain Technology.

The destiny of NEO or any other cryptocurrencies is not easy to predict, given the rarely flighty inlet of the crypto trade market. But, we can for sure make some assumptions formed on the prior lane record and marketplace trends, let us see either the Future of NEO coins will be bullish or bearish.

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NEO: More Than Just a Digital Token

There are more than 4000 cryptocurrencies listed on the trade market, amounting to $400 Billion in marketplace capitalization. Out of these thousands of cryptocurrencies, the Top 10 cryptocurrencies make up to 70% of the sum capitalization. The crypto marketplace is so flighty that, Bitcoin mislaid 81% of the marketplace share last year, while Ethereum was the biggest crook with over 91% drop.

The total are demonstrative of two things,

  1. The marketplace is heavily dominated by the tip 10 cryptocurrencies.
  2. The flighty inlet of digital currencies can thrust the marketplace function in a matter of hours.

Now, entrance to NEO, it is not just a digital item for financial transactions, but a finish ecosystem focused on providing a height for token origination and also assistance firms through their intelligent contract. Thus, the name Chinese Ethereum.

NEO was combined in 2014 as the AntShare, however, it altered to NEO in Jul 2017, the finish ecosystem for providing Blockchain formed products gives it a pull in terms of prices too. There are few other aspects which make the NEO silver different from the peers.

  • NEO works on the two silver basis, NEO GAS. On one hand, you have NEO which is a unaccompanied entity, and can't be divided i.e you can only use NEO as a whole and not like 0.002 NEO coins.
  • GAS can be seen as a reward for holding your NEO coins in the hard cold wallet, and the GAS inducement is directly proportional to time. Longer you reason NEO in your wallet, the more GAS you earn. GAS can be used by the NEO village to compensate for transaction cost on the network. It is divisible too, so you can compensate 0.5 or 0.005 GAS tokens.

What Makes NEO a Good Investment option?

Cryptocurrencies are nonetheless to be famous as a authorised proposal of financial sell in the infancy of the world. Most of these digital resources are categorized as “Security” detached from Bitcoin and Ethereum.

There has been poignant expansion in acceptance turn in the last year, but still many trust more centralized authorities need to know the significance of decentralization.

Among the hubs for cryptocurrencies, China is rising as the personality among Asian countries, and NEO is pronounced to be in the good books of the Chinese government, giving it the required marketplace push.

Another cause which might infer vicious in NEO’s expansion is the all-around ecosystem standing and more than just a digital token, which creates NEO more like shares of companies rather than just an eccentric digital asset. thus, it can infer to be a good investment option.

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NEO Price History

NEO’s name change from AntShare to the stream one in Jul 2017 also valid profitable for the marketplace value, as the prices started to stand from Jul 2017 itself. In Jul the cost of one NEO silver was around $6, and if you might have invested $100 at that time, your investment would have grown to $27,00 in Jan 2018, a large 2600% rise.

The vital reason detached from the name change is the alliance with the Chinese supervision and also raised itself as something more than a digital asset.

It’s parallels with Ethereum and comparison to the second top cryptocurrency also gave it a required ceiling transformation in terms of marketplace price. Later the NEO showed it is not just a duplicate of the Ethereum and can do a few things better than the Ethereum network.

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What is The Future of NEO Coins?

The destiny is not certain and that’s what creates it interesting, the same binds loyal in box of NEO coins or any other cryptocurrencies. We have already seen in the past, how Bitcoin Price Prediction For 2018 was nowhere nearby the tangible price. So we would use the word “presume” rather than “predict”.

The stream cost of NEO stands at $7.87, while smartereum.com has put the cost prophecy at $355. The research is formed on a integrate of factors, such as

  • rising seductiveness of institutional investors in NEO
  • Technical advantages offering by NEO’s height over that of Ethereum
  • NEO’s concentration on the digitization of resources rather than just the digitization of the currency

However, looking at the stream cost the prophecy looks quite optimistic, given most of the crypto resources have faced complicated insurgency even after entering into the first entertain of 2019.

Brian Evans a famous angel financier has finish trust in the NEO silver and he goes a step serve to envision that NEO might reinstate Bitcoin in nearby future, for the finish ecosystem and solutions. He says,

The big pierce for NEO is formulating an whole intelligent economy. It has incorporated digital assets, intelligent contracts and a digital temperament that can be used for real-world applications and turn integrated into the genuine economy. China could (and may) be a claimant for that first real-world concentration and integration.


Whether the destiny is splendid or lifeless for the Chinese Ethereum aka NEO, only the time would tell. However, the concentration on building a finish decentralized height can make it a actor of the long run. The NEO network binds many advantages over Ethereum as it provides the user with the choice to formula in several languages, rather than just one on Ethereum platform. Its two silver process might infer a success as well, as it has been righteously implemented.

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