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Singapore, 16 Jul 2018 – Singapore’s heading cryptocurrency trade platform, Tokenize Xchange, has announced the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) sale.

Despite the sea of rising ICOs and other blockchain formed platforms, the entrance to such cryptocurrency tokens is still exceedingly lacking. Enter Tokenize Xchange (“Tokenize”), which will tackle one of the biggest hurdles within the cryptocurrency landscape – accessibility to cryptocurrency tokens. It will duty as a protected and easy height for people to trade several cryptocurrency tokens such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Lowering the Barrier to Entry for Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is not going divided no matter what the cynics say. According to CoinMarketCap, the size of the whole cryptocurrency marketplace in 2017 was USD $600 billion, an huge burst from USD $16 billion in 2016.

Singapore was also recently recognized as the world’s third-largest ICO launch pad in terms of income raised, after the United States and Switzerland, according to a news from information portal Funderbeam. Furthermore, The Monetary Authority of Singapore and The Association of Banks in Singapore also recently announced the successfully expansion of program prototypes in the use of blockchain record for clearing and allotment of payments and securities.

Despite the thespian arise in inflection in Singapore and opposite the globe, for new individuals, the barriers to entrance faced when shopping their first cryptocurrency are very high. Some of the problems for new people include:

  1. Accessibility: The ubiquitous doubt towards cryptocurrency is accentuated by the altogether complexity of the record and the concomitant miss of understanding. Purchasing cryptocurrencies is mostly a drawn-out routine involving many stairs from many different sources.
  2. Security risks: There is an fundamental risk when traffic with any arrange of item around digitalised means, exchanges in the space have depressed plant to cyber-attacks or confidence loopholes over the past years. These breaches in confidence have resulted in millions of dollars’ value of cryptocurrencies being siphoned to prejudiced parties.
  3. Poor patron service: A vital interruption among the trade village is the toilsome watchful time that one faces perplexing to residence small issues per their accounts. Anyone will relate of the 3 to 4 week wait they gifted just perplexing to change a elementary detail.
  4. Community disconnect: There is a opening among the digital communities benefaction all over the web. Information supposing in several communities are mostly not easily receptive and tend to be very scattered.

Tokenize solves these problems by providing frictionless accessibility to purchasing cryptocurrency while utilizing hybrid wallet mechanisms to safeguard that the users digital resources are safely kept divided from antagonistic attacks. Additionally, Tokenize employs round-the-clock patron use specialists to support to the needs of each user on the platform. Lastly, Tokenize aims to build a combined height that addresses the opening in village engagement. This is finished by mixing the ominous communities of reddit with the warranting mechanisms of Facebook which is integrated into Tokenize’s very possess Token Store, an all-in-one height for people to teach themselves on several tokens.

Tokenize serve differentiates itself by aiming to turn the benchmark for marketplace operators, implementing high turn confidence measures, prudent Know-your-customer (KYC) procedures and providing users a frictionless transaction believe through intelligent contracts and charging trade fees as low as 0.5%.sign up tokenize

Tokenize Xchange also partners with rising blockchain projects that have the intensity to supplement value to multitude and gives the users early entrance into these crowdfunding rounds. This gives the village a 2-way energetic communication and alleviates the need for many rounds of sign-ups, verifications and KYC/AML procedures. This is finished by behaving as the filterer for verifying credit and viability of projects through an intensely despotic and endless grading criteria.

The Tokenize Xchange token (TKX) is an ERC20 token formed on the Ethereum blockchain. However, Tokenize aims to eventually turn an eccentric blockchain network formed on their possess Proof of Stake Protocol, the XChain.

Additionally, Accrelist, an SGX listed company, is operative closely with Tokenize to serve propel blockchain creation in Singapore. Tokenize will also be operative closely with normal players in the remuneration attention aside from quite crypto associated projects.

“As a forex and crypto merchant previously, it was a pain not carrying organic entrance to financial collection in the cryptocurrency space. Due to this problem, we decided to gain a resolution through the birth of Tokenize Xchange. We see the height as a megastore (much like Amazon) that allows users to buy, sell, trade, deposit and teach themselves on blockchain and cryptocurrencies. We are vehement at the expansion of Tokenize and the good group of advisors that have authorised us to scale so quickly,” pronounced Mr. Hong Qi Yu, Founder of Tokenize Xchange.

About Tokenize

Tokenize is a Singapore-based Digital Currency Exchange founded in October, 2017. Tokenize Exchange exists to bond an unconstrained village with a purpose — to move financial democracy back to the people in an nurse ecosystem. It is not just merely about exchanging cryptocurrencies, but low down, Tokenize aims to grasp is eventually the sell of ideas, knowledge, and values.

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