Top 12 Most-Promising Stellar Lumens (XLM) Blockchain-Based Projects

Top 12 Most-Promising Stellar Lumens (XLM) Blockchain-Based Projects

Why Is Stellar So Important for the Market? Here are 12 of the Most Interesting Projects

There are different cryptocurrencies and blockchains that are charity good services for companies to start building on tip of them, and Stellar is one of these networks. Even though Stellar was never designed to contest opposite Ethereum or support different applications, it has been attracting many companies in the space that are operative with it.

The height is famous for being pure and stable, and this is something that sometimes, Ethereum does not have.

IBM And Its Universal Payment Solution

IBM is one of the most critical record companies operative with blockchain technology, and it has decided to use Stellar Lumens (XLM) as section of comment for payments infrastructure.

At the same time, the association has partnered with different executive banks all over the world, with a concentration in the Asia-Pacific region. These institutions are perplexing to pierce fiat currencies into the Stellar Blockchain shortening costs and improving altogether experience.

The Stellar network will also knowledge an augmenting number of resources besides XLM. Of course, this can be damaging in the long tenure for XLM’s price, but it will make more effective collection available. IBM is operative in sequence to emanate the most innovative solutions in this platform.


This is another famous association that is operative so as to tokenize the tellurian CO credits market. Veridium has sealed a partnership with IBM and Stellar with the goal to confederate their token (VERDE) with oil and gas trade platforms. This would assistance the association automate the routine of offsetting CO emissions.

It is critical to discuss that when a association or particular creates a purchase, they can also squeeze a analogous volume of CO credits and equivalent their activities. Furthermore, for other institutions it could be a acceptance of CO neutrality.

In the future, the association wants to confederate the system with withdraw cards and offer them to ecologically disposed people around the world.


This decentralized exchange might spin the first peer-to-peer height in handling on the Stellar Network. The categorical goal is to make the sell user accessible and assistance move more users to decentralized marketplaces.


Stronghold wants to spin Stellar’s first USD anchor. At the moment, the association accepts deposits in US Dollars and can emanate tokens on the Stellar network.

The organisation is operative with PrimeTrust so as to secure funds. This increases clarity and burden at the time of handling fiat deposits.

This is a very critical expansion because it can work as a blow to sensitivity in the crypto market. Stronghold could fill some of the needs that Tether (USDT) has been fulfilling in the past, the categorical disproportion is that Stronghold is not concerned in argumentative situations, at slightest until now.


Tempo is an critical income send company located in Europe that has decided to transition to the Stellar network. Those who want to use the Tempo network using Stellar can do it using a Stellar wallet.

At the moment, the group behind the association is contrast the use in the Philippines, one of the biggest remittance markets around the world. Once supports are sent to the recipient, they will accept a presentation that will concede them to name either they want the supports to be delivered to their doorway in the internal banking or if they want to collect them up at a plcae nearby them.

The partnership with Stellar might be very important, creation Stellar the largest real-world network. Tempo is now located in 300 different locations opposite Europe. Those who download the Tempo app can also squeeze Stellar directly with their phones.

Satoshi Pay

Satoshi Pay has been combined as a micropayments height for web calm that is formed on the Bitcoin network. After it they migrated to the IOTA ecosystem and now they are operative on the Stellar Network.

Users using the network can compensate just a few cents to perspective or download content. The widget does not even need users to implement a block in wallet or something similar. This might be very useful for calm providers and consumers.

If the marketplace grows it can assistance the Stellar network to grow, enhance and strech a bigger assembly all over the world.

Open Garden

Open Garden in the Stellar Build Challenge, which is orderly by the Stellar Foundation and awarded to the best participating projects. Open Garden allows users to spin their phones into wifi hotspots and get paid in lumens for the volume of information used.

This might not be a very good thought in the European or North American market, but there are some countries in which people onslaught to compensate for a monthly information plan. At the moment, there is a beta available in the Google Play store.


TillBilly is operative in sequence to build a intelligent point-of-sale payments system formed on the Stellar Lumens network. The categorical goal is to make digital payments much cheaper today than methods such as Apple compensate or credit and withdraw cards.

Additionally, TillBilly gives you a digital receipt system that could solve this problem.


The genuine estate marketplace has also entered to the Stellar network. And indeed, it has seen a solid expansion in the last years.

More people are starting to support practical currencies, and in some way they do trust that portfolio diversification is very important. Additionally, people are also going general to equivocate taxes on their practical currencies.

And yes, it is formidable to buy genuine estate in new countries that might have different regulations than other places. This is because Slice is tokenizing the genuine estate market in the United States in sequence to concede smaller investors to have entrance to projects that were only available to institutional investors.

Sure Remit

This is also an critical and determined remittance association that is used in many African countries to send and accept money. Sure Remit has now assimilated the Stellar Network, and it is means to bond countries such as Nigeria, Kenya, Rwanda and more.

Currently, the biggest remittance marketplace in Africa is Nigeria, with an estimated of $20 billion dollars sent home each year by those Nigerians that work abroad.


Trying to tokenize everything, Smartlands is operative in sequence to name high peculiarity rural land and tokenize it on the Stellar network. This is very critical for the cryptocurrency economy. Due to the fact that practical currencies grow, it is a matter of time before distortions seem in the fiat economy.

Stablecoins are very critical in a flourishing crypto universe and they will be indispensable more and more as time passes.

It is critical to symbol that Smartlands is going to ready a preference of tokenized rural lands to have an optimal stability.


If fees were a problem, Chynge solves that problem in a very easy way, no more fees for remittances. At the moment, the association has sandbox licenses in Brunei, the United Kingdom, hong Kong, Singapore and the UAE.

At the moment, the association is leveraging AI and appurtenance training to guard risk profiles and equivocate the network to be used for bootleg purposes. This will also assistance the cryptocurrency marketplace worldwide.


These companies operative and successful in the Stellar network have contributed to the expansion of XLM in the last months. Indeed, it was means to transcend a very critical banking (Litecoin) in the practical banking market.

It seems that Stellar was means to find a scaling resolution before Bitcoin (BTC), and Ethereum (ETH). This is very certain for the whole market.

Additionally, the preference of projects on Stellar is not as poisonous as in Ethereum. And in fact, Sellar never worked in sequence to spin a universe computers like Ethereum.

Stellar has a elementary programming denunciation for projects. Furthermore, that means that there are fewer conflict vectors and reduction time indispensable for confidence audits.

If just half of these plan grasp half of their goals, then it is expected for stellar to strech new all time highs.

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