The Journey: Exactly a Decade Since a First Bitcoin Transaction


January 12, 2019: Today outlines accurately the tenth year after the first Bitcoin transaction was made in 2009.

The Making of a New Era

When the first bitcoin transaction took place between Bitcoin unknown creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, and the late successful Hal Finney, not many would have illusory the pretentious impact it was set to have on the tellurian landscape, and how many lives or lifestyles were about to be transformed, altered, or both., the domain, was bought by an unknown customer on Aug 18, 2008, in what would be the initial height to deliver the implausible physique of work that Bitcoin was, before the famous bitcoin paper, “Bitcoin – A peer-to-peer electronic money system,” was published a month later.

The tour began then, and it is protected to contend the trailblazing cryptocurrency set the gait for other cryptocurrencies to come after it. The quick tour to adoption and recognition might warn many, but the beginnings of Bitcoin were temperate and full of unimaginable stories. For example, the story of the arise of Bitcoin from shade to tellurian recognition and value is not always finish but the famous pizza story. Programmer, Laszlo Hanyecz famously bought two pizzas for the cost of 10,000 BTC in what would be a poignant miracle symbolizing the first transaction of BTC for earthy goods. One could only suppose what a tenth of that could buy now!

Less Cryptic Evolution

The expansion of crypto king, Bitcoin, has been distant from mysterious and has been open to the whole universe to witness, braving through hilly times to mangle annals over and over again.

Since Bitcoin rose from $1 to 2300.03 BTC when it was first listed, the cryptocurrency has not only risen exponentially in value, but the underlying record behind it has also held the courtesy of the whole world, quick apropos an constituent part of solutions to real-life problems.

The technology’s superb abilities which solve issues of trust, transparency, and speed while expelling the need for middlemen have been a acquire answer to longstanding dilemmas. The record is most quite creation the way in the financial and fintech sector. Managing executive and owner of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange Group Limited, Nick Cowan, talked about the expansion of blockchain in lieu with digital currencies like BTC.

“Cryptocurrencies were the first showcase example of blockchain record at work, opening the doorway to new remuneration practices, while addressing many of the long-standing issues plaguing normal finance, such as high transaction fees and allotment delays.”

Another admirer, Nydia Zhang, co-founder and chair of the Social Alpha Foundation, has commented on the new miracle of Bitcoin. If cryptocurrencies could tarry the perplexing times of 2018, Zhang says, then there is only wish that cryptocurrencies will perpetually be.

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