SOLVE Token Could Be A Huge Long-Term Winner

A lot of articles have been created about an altcoin apocalypse.  With so many tokens entering the market, it is unavoidable that not all of them will survive.  When perplexing to investigate collect out the best projects, the following criteria should be used:

  • Very active community
  • Strong intensity for mass adoption
  • Valuable partnerships
  • Experienced leadership

If a plan scores well in at slightest 3 of the above criteria, it’s a winner.  When it scores well in all four, it has the intensity to be a blockbuster.  That intensity blockbuster is Solve.Care.


Solve.Care has grown a insubordinate height that will significantly urge caring outcomes by shortening medical executive costs.  The height will also go a long way toward expelling a lot of the problems ordinarily seen within medical administration such as duplication, waste, abuse, and fraud.  we resolutely design Solve.Care to beget cost assets by facilitating peer-to-peer sell that extend management to stakeholders while lenient payers per cost control and oversight.

SOLVE token finished the token sale last year in May.  The association sole 350,000,000 tokens and still has 650,000,000 in the treasury.  The good news is that the token has been recently listed on both Bittrex and KuCoin, two of the largest and most infallible exchanges in the world.  Given the new incidents, generally the Cryptopia hack, being on a infallible sell is of peerless importance.

Active Community

I won’t spend a good understanding of time focusing on this as this is probably the slightest critical of the 4 criteria mentioned progressing but Solve.Care is doing quite well on this front.  The company’s Reddit page has over 1,300 subscribers while the Twitter hoop is even more considerable with over 11,000 followers.

In further to amicable media, the association appears to be generating a clever following in mainstream media.  In 2018, Solve.Care had over 5,000 media mentions, including articles in FinTech Times, Forbes, and a video interview with CNBC Arabia.

With so many projects in the crypto space, swelling recognition is indispensable to success.  Solve.Care is really doing what’s indispensable on this sold front.

Strong Potential for Mass Adoption

With the complexity of today’s medical system, it is indispensable for businesses to come up with new innovative ways to revoke the aria and weight faced by many of the market’s participants.  Solve.Care is a win for everybody involved.

The height puts people in control of their medical in an easy and fit way.  Individuals can easily set appointments, share records, cost shop, beget discounts, control prescriptions, know specific caring information, make payments, and maximize benefits.  This is generally loyal with the launch of Care.Wallet for Family.

Care.Wallet for Family is a medical focus that allows the user to bond to one or more Care Administration Networks (CAN) to control their medical advantages and control their health conditions.  New releases of Care.Wallet will automatically download Care.Cards for tasks such as handling prescriptions, verifying benefits, creation appointments, handling illness conditions and simplifying the executive and caring coordination process.

In further to people and families, Solve.Care is expected to benefit mass adoption among physicians as well.  The height strives to revoke the executive burden, broach better peculiarity of caring and yield for more face to face time between alloy and patient.  Because of Solve.Care, doctors will be means to uncover their availability, double check patients’ medical coverage (including deductibles), have better entrance to rarely accurate records, write prescriptions and coordinate with specialists and labs.  If it’s one thing that doctors positively hate, it’s wasting time on paperwork and traffic with word companies.  Solve.Care totally eliminates the need for that.

The association took the adoption probability one step brazen with the launch of Care.Wallet for Physician.  This resolution displays provider peculiarity information and distributes financial rewards.  Arizona Care Network will use these rewards to align providers with the goal of improving populating health at a reduce sum cost of care.  Care.Wallet for Physician is the first resolution in story utilizing blockchain record and digital banking (i.e. value-based payments) in the U.S. medical industry.  The value-based payments start with the medical digital banking called Care.Coin.

With many cryptocurrency projects unwell to live up to expectations, it’s good to finally see one go above and over what many suspicion possible.

Valuable Partnership with Arizona Care Network

Starting a new business, generally one attempting to interrupt an attention as absolute as the U.S. medical system, requires vital partnerships.  In Feb 2018, Solve.Care inked a outrageous partnership with one of the largest accountable caring organizations in the United States.  This is a huge, vital partnership for Solve.Care because ACN has a network of more than 5,500 doctors covering more than 250,000 clients.  Between this partnership, Care.Wallet for Family and Care.Wallet for Physician, Solve.Care has continued to denote the ability to rise blockchain-based medical solutions.  It is fast apropos a vital actor in the U.S. medical market.


A company’s care is an often-overlooked area when evaluating cryptocurrency projects but it’s one that is essential.  Without the superintendence and vital prophesy from capable executives, a association mostly flounders about but a loyal identity.  Fortunately, Solve.Care is being run by someone with implausible trust in the field, Pradeep Goel.

Pradeep has 26 years of trust operative in a accumulation of areas including technology, tellurian services, healthcare, and finance.  He has been means to file his care and managerial skills by holding several titles such as Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operations Officer, Chief Information Officer, and Chief Technology Officer.  Pradeep formerly built 4 medical IT companies. Because of that resources of trust and care acquired over time, Pradeep will be means to beam Solve.Care through all the hurdles that start-up businesses face.

Final Thoughts

Cryptocurrency has been intensely severe over the past year.  Without a transparent instruction of where things are headed, token owners will need to be more clever than ever.  Instead of chasing a discerning buck, token owners need to delicately look at a project’s underlying business, goals, and leadership.  After looking at Solve.Care, we resolutely trust in the intensity to be a long-term winner!

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