Fintech News Network: 12 Infographics Showcasing a State of Fintech Around a World

2018 was an sparkling year for fintech around the universe with many developments opposite Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Worldwide, fintech companies lifted a whopping US$57.9 billion through 875 deals in the first 6 months of 2018 alone, already heading 2017’s results.

From Switzerland to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Singapore, the following 12 infographics showcase the state of fintech around the world.

The Evolution of Fintech

Usually, when we speak about fintech, the first things that come to mind are the slicing corner technologies staid to renovate the financial landscape such synthetic comprehension (AI) and blockchain. But actually, fintech can be traced back to as distant as 1865 with the birth of the pantelegraph, a system used to determine signatures in banking transactions.

In this infographic/animation, we sum up this minute Dealbook/New York Times article covering the expansion of fintech from the origination of the pantelegraph in France, the launch of the tellurian telex network and the first programmed teller appurtenance (ATM), to the first online brokerage, online banking and cryptocurrencies.


Swiss Fintech Startups Map – 2018 Christmas Edition

Every month, Swisscom publishes the Swiss Fintech Startup Map which lists all of Switzerland’s fintech companies.

For this 2018 Christmas edition, the organisation identified 293 ventures, highlighting the fast expansion the Swiss fintech ecosystem, and most quite the cryptocurrency and blockchain space with 84 companies origination it the most renouned shred of fintech in Switzerland.


Swiss Fintechpoly 2018

Monopoly, one of the world’s favorite house games and part of general renouned culture, has seen many variants and versions emerge since the origination in 1903, including our very possess Swiss Fintechpoly where instead of shopping properties like the original version, you get to acquire Swiss fintech startups and banks.

This chronicle of the renouned house game, targeted at fintech nerds, facilities some of Switzerland’s hottest fintechs such as as wealthtech startup Additiv, crowdlending platform CreditGate24, and online factoring platform Advanon, but also some of the most active banks in the space including Hypothekarbank LenzburgGlarner KantonalbankCredit Suisse, and UBS.


Swiss Fintech World Cup Football Team 2018

During the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia in Jun and July, we dynamic what we suspicion would make the ideal football group but spin it into a fintech version. Because because not!

Swiss fintech players we comparison embody Crypto Finance, Bexio, and NetGuardians. Our surrogate group consisted of Apiax, PriceHubble and TrueWealth.


Top Funded Fintechs in Asia by Country 2018

Asia has emerged in the past years as a fintech powerhouse as the segment is staid for record mutation opposite many different sectors including the financial sector.

Home to two of the largest and fastest flourishing economies and a young, digitally-savvy population, the segment has many things going on for it and many investors have taken notice.

In this infographic antiquated Nov 2018, we showcase Asia’s most well-funded fintech companies by country. These embody Ant Financial in China, PolicyBazaar in India, and Viva Republica in South Korea.

Top Funded Fintech Companies Asia by nation white-bg


Hong Kong Fintech Map 2018

Hong Kong boasts a outrageous network of customers, appropriation opportunities, is an easy marketplace for doing business and is home to a understanding supervision operative towards substantiating the city into a heading fintech hub.

Thanks to a good number of supervision initiatives such as the Virtual Banking license, the Open API Framework and the several regulatory sandboxes permitting firms exam innovative products in tranquil environments, the Hong Kong fintech ecosystem has grown tremendously these past years, attracting both unfamiliar startups and investors.

The Hong Kong Fintech 2018 infographic by Invest Hong Kong (InvestHK), a supervision physique tasked to promote central investment, compiles the city’s fintech ecosystem including the startups, financial institutions, regulators, try collateral firms, and innovation labs.


Singapore Fintech Startups Map 2017

In Southeast Asia, Singapore is positively the fintech personality upheld by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) which has been bustling substantiating a auspicious sourroundings for fintech creation that fosters collaboration.

In this infographic, we showcase Singapore’s fintech startups ecosystem as of Nov 2017. The ecosystem comprises companies handling in sundry segments from payments, wealthtech and lending, to blockchain, personal financial and crowdfunding.


Malaysia Fintech Startups Map 2018

Healthy mercantile fundamentals, high invasion for both Internet and smartphones, and the participation of a flourishing fintech startups ecosystem have fueled the expansion of the Malaysian fintech industry.

As of Jul 2018, Malaysia had 166 fintech companies handling opposite the payments, cryptocurrency, blockchain, crowdfunding, wealthtech, and insurtech segments, among others.


Fintech in Singapore vs. Fintech in Malaysia 2017

Singapore and Malaysia share a common story but also a certain clarity of rivalry. When it comes to fintech, both countries have been actively operative towards substantiating a healthy ecosystem, rising auspicious regulations and initiatives, and both have witnessed poignant fintech developments in the past years.

In this infographic, we take a look at the fintech landscape in Singapore and the fintech landscape in Malaysia, and objectively review both ecosystems:



Indonesia Fintech Startups Map 2018

Indonesia, the largest economy in Southeast Asia with an estimated race of over 260 million people and flourishing mobile phone and Internet invasion rates, has a sepulchral fintech zone with digital payments and peer-to-peer lending as the tip two sectors.

According to the Indonesian Fintech Association, there were 31 protected digital remuneration services providers and more than 60 P2P lending companies purebred with the Financial Services Authority as of Aug 2018.

In this infographic, we yield an overview of the Indonesian fintech startups ecosystem.

Fintech Indonesia Report


Vietnam Fintech Ecosystem 2017

Though not as grown as the ASEAN counterparts, Vietnam’s fintech attention is fast evolving. One area in sold that’s witnessed poignant expansion is digital and mobile payments.

In the first 3 buliding of 2018, cashless payments more than doubled in value, with exchange over mobile apps and digital wallets rising by an considerable 126% and 161% respectively, according to the Department of Payments at the State Bank of Vietnam.

As of 2017, Vietnam was home to about 70 fintech companies. This infographic gives an overview of the Vietnamese fintech landscape as of Jun 2017.



UAE Fintech Startups Map 2018

In the Middle East, the UAE has emerged as a fintech nexus, aided by supervision agencies and regulators operative together to spin the nation into a tellurian fintech powerhouse.

These are pushing a operation of initiatives directed at fostering a burgeoning fintech ecosystem including regulatory sandbox the RegLab, fintech accelerator the Fintech Hive, and Dubai’s 2020 blockchain ambition.

The following infographic looks at the UAE’s fintech startups scene.


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