Even yet XLM and ADA are favorites, ZCash (ZEC) could indeed be a subsequent silver on Coinbase

In the light of BAT’s still ongoing siphon (50%+ for the month), holders of other Coinbase inventory claimant tokens are clamoring for their token to be subsequent on the most famous crypto exchange. Even though it is seen as an outsider, ZEC indeed stands more than a decent possibility to kick the contingency and be the subsequent silver on Coinbase. This is why.

If we look it from Coinbase perspective, they are looking to cover as many different cryptocurrencies in terms of their use cases as possible.

Coinbase already has Bitcoin, BCH and LTC listes as unchanging remuneration coins. Ethereum and Ethereum Classic are dapp blockchains. Since integrate of weeks ago, 0x and BAT which are both ETH tokens.

Adding ADA or XLM would just be adding another dapp platform, adding ZEC would be a first remoteness coin on Coinbase.