Are application tokens value anything?

The cryptocurrency universe now is in dilapidation per the marketplace valuation, temperament and regulatory stance. The crypto space is still rarely suppositional per coin/token/project values. There might be some problem heading to overly bullish speculation, which begs the question: are focus tokens (most stream cryptocurrencies) overvalued?

A Quick Explanation

For those who don’t know, a focus token represents “a section of comment for the network. The bigger the network grows, the more focus in the token,” as described by the popular Hackernoon blog.

Put simply, most altcoins have a plan or business behind them which looks to use blockchain to solve a real-world problem, mostly around a singular ecosystem. Utility tokens play a part in that ecosystem assisting it function.

For example, sky is a apparent cryptocurrency representing an underlying blockchain platform. Projects ordinarily use this height to build Decentralized Applications (dAPPS).

The sky silver is used as “gas” to energy exchange in this ecosystem. Sending Basic Attention Tokens (BAT – an ERC20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain) requires the hilt to have sky coins in their wallet in sequence to energy BAT transactions.

Unclear Value

There is poignant problem in this model. The underlying company’s success does not indispensably meant the compared asset’s cost will arise in response.

Stocks (aka equities) are a good example of this concept’s inverse. Owning a share of batch radically means owning part of the underlying company. Company distinction and gain impact the altogether cost gratefulness of the company, thus, impacting the particular stock’s price. Set benchmarks and methods exist to value a association and the batch price. (Although there is still conjecture thrown into the equation as well.)

In contrast, cryptocurrencies do not duty the same way. Just because an underlying cryptocurrency plan excels does not meant the compared silver or token contingency arise in price. The two are not joined in the same way batch values are.

Techcrunch’s Jeremy Rubin even wrote an essay about a probable formidable unfolding which saw Ethereum’s network succeeding, while sky coins forsaken to a cost of scarcely $0.

Due to the above, it is still formidable to give an accurate cost gratefulness for many cryptocurrency projects. This is generally loyal because most cryptocurrency ecosystems are not used in a mainstream sense. Their value and focus to the open are unknown. No one really knows what will be germane 10 years down the road.

This conjecture could be one of the reasons Jan saw such merriment last year, when the sum crypto marketplace top reached over $800 billion – roughly 4 times incomparable than the stream $123 billion dollar marketplace cap, according to (For reference, Jan 2017 saw an altogether crypto marketplace top of only about $20 billion).


Exuberant expectancy and conjecture surrounding EOS, for example, lead the plan to lift a vast volume of funds. The sum marketplace top for EOS surpassed more than $17 billion dollars before even rising the categorical network. (Current marketplace top for EOS is roughly $2 billion dollars at the time of this writing.)

How can a business or product see accurate gratefulness if it has not even launched the categorical product? Not to discuss the cryptocurrency space has not been around long enough to know what kind of impact the plan will have.

Security Tokens

Security tokens have come into conversations sincerely recently. In short, a confidence token is fundamentally a confidence (stock, bond, etc.), put into a token on the blockchain.

Security tokens might infer more effective than normal bonds because they mislay some of the borders and stipulations of normal finance. Security tokens concede for fractional investment, among other benefits.

Rob Nance of City Block Capital gave a good germane example for fractional investment. In an talk with YouTube influencer Crypto Bobby, Nance explained about fractional investment. “[I]nstead of carrying to buy a whole house, there would be an event to buy a cut of a hotel, or a cut of a vast building – and so the event we think that exists there, is to take a lot of tellurian liquidity and move it into U.S. assets.”

Security Tokens Versus Utility Tokens

Security tokens are in the early stages of growth currently. However, when they turn more common, because would they not take the infancy marketplace share over focus tokens?

Anthony Pompliano of Morgan Creek Digital responded to a doubt on, saying that “the largest marketplace event in crypto is meshing the advantages of tokens with normal financial markets. This will be most apparent in tokenized securities.”

With confidence tokens, the cost will have poignant ties to the success or disaster of the underlying association or asset.

What’s It All Mean?

In the new and ever-developing universe of cryptocurrency, the astronomical speculatory arise in Jan 2018 made sense. After all, confidence tokens were not in open conversations as much as is now the case.

But now it could make clarity for confidence tokens to take the marketplace majority. Utility tokens have a much more suppositional value with radically zero “backing” them. Not to discuss that confidence tokens mostly find to approve with regulation. The outcome is clearly more misleading on how to hoop focus tokens with regulation.

So do focus tokens have any value? The destiny will tell. Decide for yourself formed on your possess research.

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