Goldman Sachs’ Cryptocurrency Trading Desk Contradicts Anti-Crypto Stance

Steve Strongin has combined his voice to the anti-cryptocurrency carol entrance out of the financial industry. The conduct of tellurian investment investigate for the financial hulk Goldman Sachs asserted on Feb 5, 2018, that most, if not all, cryptocurrencies are unfailing to fall to zero in value.

Stating that cryptocurrencies had no “intrinsic value” and did not exist in a “rational market,” Strongin compared them to the barbarous dot-com bubble. In the late 90s, a good understanding of investors made suppositional investments in the uninformed call of rising internet businesses, only to see them pile-up as a good many of these businesses unsuccessful and floundered.

Strongin expressed his opinion that in the long term, most of today’s digital currencies would expected humour the same fate:

“People seem to be trade cryptocurrencies as though they’re all going to survive, or at slightest say their value. The high association between the different cryptocurrencies worries me.”

He combined that distinct in other markets, new currencies did not seem to amalgamate old ones, but that they all seemed to pierce as a whole, so pulling them all gradually downward.

Ongoing Backlash

As most cryptocurrency traders well know by now, this opinion is not a new one among the vital financial industries. Such poignant total as Agustin Carstens of the BIS and Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan have likewise called into doubt the long-term sustainability of cryptocurrency, as well as the firmness of the vital traders.

Nor is it a new opinion on the part of Goldman Sachs themselves. In late 2017, they were already voicing their disagreements with confident investors who were nicknaming cryptocurrencies “digital gold.”

Goldman cited such factors as the sensitivity of cryptocurrencies and their disadvantage to hacking as reasons to cruise them distant reduction arguable means of value storage than the changed metals they were being compared to.

And indeed, this call of recoil opposite cryptocurrency that Goldman Sachs is roving does come at a time when even the most confident cryptoasset investors are struggling to say their faith in the destiny of cryptocurrencies. 2018 has been a grim time for digital banking investors, with bitcoin alone plummeting to reduction than a third of the value since mid-December.

A Bigger Game

With that said, many are already skeptical about just how genuine Goldman Sachs’ anti-cryptocurrency sentiments might truly be.

Pointing to two apart stories published by the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg, observers have highlighted that notwithstanding their long-running opinion of ostensible cryptocurrency skepticism, Goldman Sachs is nonetheless dire brazen with the skeleton to settle a multi-billion dollar cryptocurrency trade desk. According to Bloomberg, they wish to have this table up and using by June, if not sooner.

With this in mind, there is widespread faith that Goldman Sachs is one of the groups looking to take advantage of flighty cryptocurrency prices.

After all, though bad for early adopters, the pile-up offers a earnest event for those who wish to seize the resources in time for the ceiling resurge in prices that many trust is around the corner.

Simply put, there is copiousness of reason to see Goldman Sachs’ scathing opinion toward cryptocurrencies as merely an bid to pull their prices down serve still, as it would safeguard limit profitability – and maybe even some turn of corner – for Goldman Sach’s investments when cryptocurrencies conclude in value once more.

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