Five Blockchain Businesses Appear on WSJ ‘2018 Tech Companies to Watch’ List

For many, 2018 is deliberate the year of the blockchain. The record took a substantial step brazen in enterprise adoption and was even praised by a bipartisan collection U.S. Senators – an considerable fulfilment in the possess right. 

Blockchain’s clever year continued when The Wall Street Journal expelled the annual list of “Tech Companies to Watch.” Of the 25 companies selected, 5 are blockchain initiatives. Last year, no blockchain-related companies were mentioned. 

The top ranking company, Blockstream, is building tech for Bitcoin micropayments and cryptocurrency information feeds for traders. Other blockchain companies famous by the Journal stress blockchain business integration, privacy, and mobile development. The full list of blockchain companies comprises of: 

R3, which achieved the #6 position, was recently caught in suppositional online gibberish about their platform’s discernible viability and fundraising mechanism. Their CEO, David Rutter, recently released a statement on the matter — the new inclusion in the Journal’s list positively bolsters their cause. 

In an concomitant analysis, WSJ reporter, David Pettit, recognizes blockchain’s rising place in the tech scene. He writes: 

“Growing courtesy to cryptocurrencies has helped convince a stand of rarely learned entrepreneurs to work on putting the underlying blockchain record to several uses.”

Each of these projects is predicated on different value propositions and purposes, nonetheless the list, as a whole, is gathered using identical criteria. 

How the List is Made 

The list is forward-focused – it strives to brand companies that fake a organisation substructure and are now staid to arise even further. It is grown around nominations submitted by tech watchers and information analysts in the tech space. 

To qualify, companies contingency have been in business since the start of 2013 and need to have an estimated gratefulness of $50 – $500 million. Other factors include: 

  • Founders’ experience
  • Investor lane record 
  • Amount of try collateral raised 
  • Workforce growth
  • The hum about the company 

In further to blockchain technology, 2018’s list is jam-packed with companies focused on synthetic comprehension and cybersecurity. 

How They Fare in The Future 

Several formerly featured companies have had exquisite years following their inclusion on the Journal’s list. For instance, Ring, a builder of doorbell cameras — #7 on last year’s list — was acquired by Amazon for more than $1 billion. 

While Ring’s merger is one of the largest ever seen by the Journal’s listed companies, it was by no means the only one. Argus Cyber Security was acquired for $400 million, and Earnest Inc. was purchased for $155 million.

For the continued adoption of blockchain, approval of these companies is a distinguished vigilance that the craving blockchain record has transcended the cryptocurrency origins.

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