Why Bitcoin, Ethereum, & The Entire Crypto Market Are Down …

Authored by Andrew Romans around CoinTelegraph.com,

The way we see it, investors in 2017 – and privately in Q4 – wanted to buy Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) for the solitary purpose of exchanging it for specific ICO tokens they wanted to deposit in. The buyers of Bitcoin and Ethereum did not want to possess Bitcoin or Ethereum. They wanted to buy the newly released initial silver charity (ICO) tokens, but they indispensable to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum as a brief way to get what they eventually wanted. The owners of Bitcoin and Ethereum did not want to sell. They were examination the cost of their land increase, so because would they? They were also believers in Bitcoin and Ethereum. So, in a “bid-ask world,” the cost went up.

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Then, those startup companies that finished their ICOs became whales, which began — as a organisation — to unpack their tokens in Dec and January, thereby flipping the energetic of the outrageous direct for Bitcoin and Ethereum to all sellers of Bitcoin and Ethereum. After the New Year’s hangover faded, the startups indispensable to sell their crypto for fiat in sequence to compensate engineers and build their startups.

Then, it was a run-on-the-bank panic. Pressure from the United States regulators in Q3 and Q4 of 2017 resulted in a negligence and nearby sum hindrance of ICOs by early 2018. After that, ICOs possibly stopped or radically slowed. New token issuers began to accept fiat but the need to pass through Ethereum, which killed more direct and left only sellers and “hodlers” and no buyers. In a “bid-ask world,” the marketplace tanked. An engaging energetic of the stream marketplace is that the prices of all cryptocurrencies are rarely correlated to each other. Just look at the cost of any token on CoinMarketCap, and you will notice a ideal association among the prices of most of them. Bitcoin and Ethereum go up and down together, and most other tokens are correlated in the same way. It shouldn’t be that way, but but any banks examining and stating on these startups — the way they do for AppleAmazonMicrosoft, etc. — that’s the way it is for now. So, Bitcoin can lift or dump the cost of your token, but it now appears that gravitational lift works in both directions.

In 2018, something else developed. It became transparent that all of these saved ICOs were not diligenced by genuine tech gifted angels or VCs — they were mostly not tokens you would really want to deposit into. Previously, all of these coins were correlated to the rising cost of Bitcoin and Ethereum, but now it is boring them down. They are all correlated, and the big territory of the altogether marketplace top is falling the ‘crypto ship’ in general.

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What will occur is that all of these diseased startups will eventually be burning out, and we will be left with some decent and even extraordinary companies. Today, the consumer sell investors of Southeast Asia and around the universe are no longer gambling and throwing income at the latest ICO to representation at some blockchain eventuality — or at slightest not at the volumes of Q4 2017. It used to be 20 percent institutional (VC) investors and 80 percent retail. Now, it’s 80 percent institutional investors, if not more. It creates clarity to me that, if strongly branded VCs like a16z, Pantera Capital and 7BC.VC deposit into a startup from their far-reaching flue of investments after conducting VC-grade due diligence, consumer sell investors will want to deposit — following the VC’s lead in jurisdictions where this complies with internal bonds law (or, in the U.S., if the startup filed an S1, Reg A+, etc.).

Now is the time for the attainment of gifted VCs to lift genuine VC funds, beget vast volumes of understanding flow, routine that understanding upsurge with entirely centralized and decentralized teams competent to control correct due diligence, account the best ones, as well as assistance these portfolio companies govern and conduct financier risk around diversification and portfolio construction. We have seen a lapse to lucid equity appropriation — and not just for tokens. Investors now possess equity and tokens. Some “pure play” decentralized cases need only tokens — but again with real, old-school due industry — before just throwing income around. We are also saying a lapse to marketplace valuations, rather than a group of high propagandize dropouts seeking a $50 million or $100 million pre-money gratefulness but ever carrying met a payroll or accomplish any piece before to removing that kind of valuation.

The new companies to be saved in 2019 – and to be listed in 2019, 2020 and 2021 – will be distant better on normal than the 2017 cohort, ensuing in a miscarry in the market. Experienced VC-backed entrepreneurs are now operative on blockchain startups, which means the race of supervision teams has developed over the original Bitcoin anarchists.

Bitcoin itself is resilient, proven by the presence of multiple Mt. Gox-type events and countless up-and-down cycles. The long-term bend for Bitcoin is up and to the right. After the barbarous coins run out of income and disappear, the marketplace will turn much more robust. Many of the managers became delusional due to their knowledge of roving the universe and completing their ICOs, meditative that BTC and ETH would only go up and up while unwell to sell enough of their crypto for fiat. Not only did they have startup risk, but they foolishly combined FX (foreign exchange) risk.

So, the good news is that these weak, never-should-have-been-funded startups will run out of income earlier than expected, because their crypto is meaningless when converted to fiat than they suspicion at the time they finished their financings. The flushing out of these coins now weakening the marketplace will drive the marketplace up. Today, startups sell their crypto into fiat the impulse they get it.

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I also envision that we will see a few torpedo startups take off and generate mass adoption, which will pierce mainstream users into the crypto universe and — in a gravitationally correlated universe — this will lift the waves of the whole market. We will probably see some video diversion turn a outrageous prodigy — like Angry Birds — or something that will drive the adoption of a token. we design to see something else come along that no one ever suspicion of — like Skype — that everybody starts to use, which will lift outrageous populations into the crypto world, as the value will just simply be there.

It is needed that all businesses pierce onto the blockchain so that no celebration can breach with the numbers of how many “widgets” were sole or with who gets paid what. All business, supervision and health caring information should be on the blockchain — and pretty soon, it will be unsuitable but it to enter into a business agreement and trust the other celebration to tell you how many widgets were sole in China, the U.S. or Africa. Once these business exchange or elections are on the blockchain and no one can breach with the data, all sides can trust each other. The big design here is that the marketplace will see a vital convene and long-term trend up and to the right.

2019 might be an glorious time to deposit in a blockchain-focused VC account or deposit into blockchain startups holding on-board lessons from top-performing VCs that have a clever entrepreneur-experienced investment group with knowledge in achieving top-quartile try collateral IRR opening and cash-on-cash performance.

Article source: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-12-27/why-bitcoin-ethereum-entire-crypto-market-are-down-value