“The Crypto Bear Market Won’t Last” – Anonymous $200 …

A puzzling merchant who made international headlines when he incited a $200 million distinction trade Ethereum in a singular month has concluded to pronounce with CCN per his latest investments and his opinion on the crypto marketplace in general.

With his temperament dark from authorities, the merchant goes by the moniker 200M_trader. An early financier in crypto who started shopping Bitcoin in 2011, 200M_trader brought the large sum of $55 million to the list when he started trade Ethereum and managed to spin that into $283 million within 30 days. CCN got in hold to ask about how hard the crypto winter has strike him, his new $4.5 million investment into the Roobee platform, and what his take on the bear marketplace timeline is.

Crypto and the Bear Market: Keep an Eye on Halving

The subsequent Bitcoin retard prerogative halving will offer as an additional trigger for growth; maybe not as explosive, but still growth. Shutterstock.

We asked the $200 million dollar male how he came to be concerned in crypto originally:

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