The Bitcoin Guy: Why EOS is a many sparkling new crypto …

Jay Smith forsaken out of propagandize before his GCSEs to spend his life in his bedroom. There, he focused on his 3 obsessions; gaming, tech and economics.

After a four-year career supplementing his income as a tip gamer on the esports circuit, he switched his attentions to trade bitcoin.

Now 29, Jay is one of the country’s most reputable and widely followed cryptocurrency traders.

Today he starts a new, weekly mainstay advising Evening Standard readers how to navigate the crypto minefield.

EOS and Me

The City venue was big. Swish. All steel, potion and unprotected brickwork.

Not the kind of place we find myself often.

Unlike the rest of the guys at the conference.

They were bankers, wearing suits value more than we warranted in a month before we started trading. They looked at home there, a tribe, all dressed in matching uniform.

Me? we was in jeans and a hoody.

I wasn’t the only one: there were a few other hoodies in the room, too, including our hosts. They were from my clan – the tech guys.  And we were the only ones in there who had a idea what we were articulate about.

It was the gathering at the Chiswell Street Brewery for big business and corporates, sponsored by the smarts behind a new cryptocurrency called EOS. I’d been vehement by their stuff for ages; EOS had hardly even started trade back then, but we suspicion it had the intensity to be massive.

From the get-go, you could see the suits were out of their depth. They’d clearly been sent by their banks to get a hoop on “this Blockchain thing.”

That said, the busiest talks were for EOS, which valid to me one thing; EOS had big income interest. Not indispensably crafty money. But big.

The uncanny thing was, notwithstanding it being blindingly apparent that it was only my clan who really got this stuff, of all the suits there – from  JPMorgan, to Morgan Stanley, to Barclays – only one asked what we thought.  He was a crafty man from a crafty bank – Goldman Sachs. To this day, Goldman is still the only bank that really seems to know crypto, and – as importantly – treats the attention and people within it with respect.

That was almost year ago. Since then I’ve been charity eyewatering amounts of income to work for corpulent sidestep funds, but I’ve incited them all down.

You see, we don’t want to work for some “hedgie” who’s already a millionaire with outrageous skill portfolios and imagination cars. Who thinks millennials should stop whingeing about residence prices and spend reduction income on avocados if they want to get on the ladder.

I’d rather share my believe with typical people. Folks who might really need the income it could make them.

You see, to me, cryptocurrencies and the blockchains they’re built on aren’t cold because they made me wealthy.

They’re grand because of their intensity to change our planet.

They’re extraordinary because they will concede people in dictatorships to speak and trade with the outward world.

They’re life enhancing because they’ll concede us to speak to each other for free, but Facebook or Twitter holding a cut, offered our data, or shovelling ads onto our feeds.

The believe behind cryptocurrencies shouldn’t just be for a small rope of abounding guys to keep for themselves. We need to share it with the world. Be transparent. Evangelise.

That’s kind of what this mainstay is about.

And that’s kind of what EOS is about.

What’s so special about EOS?

You see, EOS wants to open the record and tenure to anyone and everybody who’s interested.

It’s a cryptocurrency which is opening up the blockchain system behind it to any program developer wanting to build apps on it. You could think of it like Google permitting anyone and everybody to write apps for Android. Just as Google is now profiting from the ubiquity of Android on billions of people’s phones, so EOS wants to spin the height of choice for the new multiply of apps, decentralised ones.

Why? Because in sequence to do anything on the EOS blockchain, you contingency first possess a bit of EOS, and you possess it through EOS tokens.

I’ll give you an example. Imagine Uber: it is intensely renouned for a handful of reasons, the rides are cheaper than normal taxis, the passengers and drivers are incentivised to be respectful and amicable, the app is discerning and easy to  use.

But if we were to build an Uber on a blockchain like EOS’s, we could easily urge it. First off, because blockchain directly connects both sides of the transaction – motorist and newcomer – you can mislay the association in the center that’s holding a cut. That saves income for everybody. Fees would be labelled in the internal currency, but be paid with the “Uber” token.

As my app became more popular, the “Uber” token passengers would use for it would arise in value, so stakeholders are incentivised to arise it serve and urge the service.

The payments could be instant, approach into the driver’s account. No cost to a pull company, and no smallest mandate on remuneration amounts since there are no banks holding a cut either.

In the same way that the token for this app would arise in value as the recognition grows, so too would the value of EOS, whose blockchain powers the system behind the scenes. My investors, my customers’ drivers, and their passengers have aligned incentives to grow their network. Every time someone uses the token the economy grows, and since EOS is powering all exchange and computation, that too will grow.

The EOS Coin Offering (ICO)

For me to build this fanciful Uber choice app, the guys behind EOS (a program association called had to first emanate the infrastructure and collection for me to build it with, which they account through what’s famous as an Initial Coin Offering. An ICO is where a plan sells tokens in the banking to lift supports for development. It works like a batch marketplace flotation, and what you do is this:

Step one: announce how good your tech is. Drum up seductiveness among investors and programmers

Step two: announce you’re going to lift x million dollars by arising a singular number of tokens.

Step three: put the tokens on the marketplace and watch the income hurl in

That routine is fine, but while it might lift the income you want, it customarily means that, if your crypto is any good, a organisation of maybe 20 very abounding guys end up removing half of the coins. It’s difficult to explain how, but fundamentally you can compensate a fat cost to pull to the front of the queue, forward of typical investors.

EOS didn’t want that. Quite the opposite; because they want to maximize the recognition of their platform, they wanted as many people as probable to possess their tokens.

Instead of putting them all on the marketplace at once to be gobbled up by a few abounding folks in a matter of minutes, the EOS folks have staggered their charity of 1 billion coins over a whole year, offered chunks of 2 million tokens a day, every day. Everyone who relates gets a commission of that day’s emanate according to how much they can afford. Like most cryptocurrencies, the tokens can be separate into fractions like the old ha’penny piece, definition there’s no high smallest entrance level. You could buy $1 of EOS if you wanted to.

All that has served as a disincentive to abounding investors anticipating to dilemma the market, and meant distant more typical people have got in on the action.

Hundreds of thousands of different people now possess a square of EOS. That’s very cool. It creates EOS the John Lewis of cryptos. Or even better; the crypto Co-op, more widely hold than over 99% of other cryptos, rivaling the likes of Bitcoin, Monero, Litecoin and Ethereum.

The thing is, the auction is finally entrance to an end on 1 June. On the same day, the infrastructure will go live, so all those apps being grown by people like me (more about my EOS apps in destiny columns) will also start launching, using EOS for exchange and information transfers.

That means there will be no more supply of EOS (apart from maybe 1-4% acceleration per year if the EOS village agrees to it) but potentially lots of demand. The doubt is: how much demand, and how much will the marketplace cost that direct at?

Why should we buy EOS?

EOS tokens have shot up from $7 to as much as $21 in the past few weeks as the marketplace tries to value how renouned EOS will be after launching. If program developers go totally insane for it, the cost should arise further. If not, it could collapse.

My theory is the former. Early versions of the EOS height pre-launched in what we call Beta contrariety have been severely exciting. It’s super fast, can cope with outrageous volumes of transactions, and is really easy to write formula for. For techies out there, it uses the denunciation called C++ for coding, which is really common among developers. Ethereum, by contrast, uses a specific, newly-created denunciation called Solidity.

There’s another reason we reckon the cost of EOS will rise.

Remember how we was observant the value would count on how many people spend it to use EOS-based apps? Well, EOS’s founders (a program association called have given hundreds of millions of dollars from the supports lifted during the ICO to try collateral supports investing in app start-ups. One condition: only apps using the Eos infrastructure can request for funding. EOS VC appropriation now totals $1.4 billion.

If that doesn’t inspire more people to launch start-ups, we don’t know what will.

There are literally thousands of developers operative on blockchain formed apps that do divided with the middlemen of this world. Who knows, one of those on the EOS system could be the app that kills off the need for multi-billion dollar companies like Twitter, or Facebook, or even Barclays?

See because a share-the-love kind of man like me is a fan?

For those just looking to spin a distinction from speculating on the currency, you have to be wakeful EOS is intensely volatile, just like all cryptos. As recently as March, it was only $4. I’ve been solemnly shopping more since it was $1 and made myself some of the biggest earnings I’ve ever had. It’s now my biggest crypto position in my portfolio.

But there’s no pledge it won’t collapse. There are many risks to consider.

The Risks of shopping EOS

The program might infer to be a beating (unlikely as we’ve already seen copiousness of it in beta test-runs).

It might be overtaken by better innovations elsewhere. Etherium is building good new record for the height to scale up, while IOTA and Cardano offer their possess visions of the destiny and are both prohibited on the heels of EOS.

You can’t totally discharge the fact that it might face conflict from hackers, regulators or even opposition projects.

If you’re meditative of speculating on EOS, then, those are the questions you contingency ask yourself.

For me, though, I’m all in – as a swindler and an enthusiast.

Try the EOS blockchain for yourself!

Meantime, if you’re up for a diversion of Space Invaders, conduct over to this link and play it on EOS. Fast, fun, and explanation it works.


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