Expert Says EOS isn’t a Blockchain — Just a Distributed …

Blockchain contrast and investigate association Whiteblock Inc. has expelled a ban outcome on EOS, describing it as a “distributed comparable database” masquerading as a blockchain. In a news patrician “EOS: An Architectural, Performance and Economic Analysis,” the association dissects several aspects of the EOS custom and comes to the end that it suffers from a critical confidence scarcity as well as network opening that is significantly reduce than what was claimed.

Extraordinary Findings

According to the news gathered by Whiteblock’s investigate group made up of Brent Xu, Dhruv Luthra, Zak Cole, and Nate Blakely, EOS has a number of intolerable confidence and custom failings that fatally concede many of the use cases suggested for the network once dubbed the “Ethereum killer.”

Over the course of two months since the September launch, the exam evaluated the EOS network’s transactional throughput opposite the claimed capacity. In addition, it also tested the response to inauspicious network conditions, how it responds to non-static transaction rates and sizes, the normal transaction execution time, the assign toleration and the error tolerance. The results are distant from flattering.

In a press recover about the EOS exam published on Nov 2, Whiteblock stated bluntly:

“EOS is not a blockchain, rather a distributed comparable database government system, a pure eminence in that their exchange are not cryptographically validated. EOS token and RAM marketplace is radically a cloud use where the network provides promises for computational resources in a blackbox for users to entrance around credits. There is no resource for burden due to the miss of clarity on what Block producers are means to emanate in terms of computational power.”

According to Whiteblock, the tangible throughput available by EOS underneath “realistic” network conditions is almost reduce than that claimed by EOS selling materials, and the network suffers from a simple confidence problem of steady accord disaster and miss of Byzantine Fault Tolerance.

In June, CCN reported that hardly a week after the launch of the mainnet, EOS became enthralled in debate after an occurrence with the retard producers which led many to doubt the border of the network’s decentralisation. Whiteblock’s commentary would seem to lend faith to those fears, which could have a poignant outcome on the EOS price.

Delivering the outcome on the network as a whole, Whiteblock said:

“The investigate results infer the inaccuracies in opening claims and resolved that the substructure of the EOS system is built on a injured indication that is not truly decentralized.”

CCN Exclusive Interview With Whiteblock CTO

Following the recover of the report, CCN interviewed Whiteblock CTO Zak Cole to get his disdainful criticism on the import of the news for the EOS village and the blockchain ecosystem at large.

CCN: Does the fact that the investigate was consecrated by ConsenSys paint a dispute of interest? [Editor’s Note: ConsenSys is an Ethereum growth studio with poignant investment in ETH applications]

Cole: Our investigate was saved by about 20 organizations in serve to ConsenSys. Funding was also supposing by Bo Shen, Dan Larimer’s former partner and co-founder of Bitshares, which EOS used as the basement for much of their technology. ConsenSys appropriation a apportionment of the investigate initiatives has no change on the systematic routine and should really be deliberate a indecisive point. We’ve conducted the same tests on Ethereum and forked out their flaws as well. The Ethereum village was receptive to our investigate and intent us serve to continue our research. We’ve worked with dozens of blockchain systems. The purpose of our tests aren’t to point out what’s good about a system. This isn’t a beauty contest. In sequence to build more effective and aloft behaving systems, we should be pattern and pure and brand weaknesses in sequence to optimize and comment for them in the pattern process. If the EOS village chooses to be warlike towards tests and observations of this nature, the whole ecosystem is cursed and will positively never grasp their supposed scale.

Here is a link to our investigate which cites several poignant confidence and opening flaws in Ethereum.

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