EOS Has a $1 Billion War Chest

EOS Has a $1 Billion War Chest – But Will Dan Larimer Stick Around Long Enough to Enjoy It?EOS Has a $1 Billion War Chest – But Will Dan Larimer Stick Around Long Enough to Enjoy It?

On paper, EOS is a $6 billion association and the 14th largest cryptocurrency plan in the universe whose token changes hands for $10 a pop. It has lifted over $700 million to date in the world’s longest using ICO, which began last June. By the time it’s done, the company, led by Dan Larimer, will have a $1 billion fight chest at the disposal. The doubt is, will the charismatic owner hang around long enough to spend these riches?

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The Curious Case of the Man with the Itchy Feet

Dan Larimer is one of the crypto world’s best famous entrepreneurs. The companies he’s founded – Steemit, Bitshares, and now EOS – are value billions, origination Mr Larimer as rich as he is successful. Everything the programmer-turned-visionary touches turns to gold. Then, once the Virginia connoisseur has gotten his latest height up and running, he packs his bags and moves on to the subsequent thing.

EOS Has a $1 Billion War Chest – But Will Dan Larimer Stick Around Long Enough to Enjoy It?EOS Has a $1 Billion War Chest – But Will Dan Larimer Stick Around Long Enough to Enjoy It?
Dan Larimer

Fans of Dan Larimer’s work – of which there are many – see the EOS owner as an classic genius: sanctified with too many ideas and talents to stay in one place for too long. Hagiographies execute Larimer as a idealist forward of his time. If it wasn’t for Larimer jumping ship, the crypto village would never have had Steem or EOS. Thus, the detriment to the projects Larimer leaves is the cryptocurrency world’s gain. Others aren’t so sure though, saying the Bitshares founder’s tingling feet as justification that his projects miss long-term viability. It’s easy to lead from the front when there’s income pouring in, but adhering around to build out infrastructure is what defines a loyal leader.

The Ethereum Assassin

EOS was heralded as “the ethereum killer”, but since Larimer launched his ICO in Jun 2017, ethereum’s value has double five-fold and is the most widely used cryptocurrency with over one million exchange a day. To slay Vitalik Buterin’s “world computer” – or to even wound it – EOS is going to need a big axe. Ethereum is flourishing stronger with every flitting day, while the only thing EOS has flourishing is the bank balance.

EOS Has a $1 Billion War Chest – But Will Dan Larimer Stick Around Long Enough to Enjoy It?EOS Has a $1 Billion War Chest – But Will Dan Larimer Stick Around Long Enough to Enjoy It?In an epoch where renouned ICOs can sell out in a matter of minutes, EOS is the antithesis: a slow-funded plan that will take an whole year to finish the token sale. Some see this as justification of the egalitarian inlet of the project, needing as many investors as probable to participate. Others demur, observation EOS as zero more than a asocial money squeeze whose primary purpose is to heighten the founders. Concerns have also been raised over the fact that the token affords no “rights, uses, purpose, or features”, nonetheless this seems to be a anxiety to the fact that there will token barter once EOS switches from ethereum to the possess blockchain.

Uncapped ICOs: Fairness or Avarice?

Uncapped token sales are controversial, not slightest due to the churned results available by the largest ICOs finished to date. The jury is still out on Bancor, which lifted $153 million, while Tezos ($230 million) has been mired in lawsuits. Like Tezos, EOS investors might have to wait a while before they can use their tokens for their dictated purpose. Critics have questioned the project’s viability, job it “Delicious fume and pleasing mirrors”. As one writer forked out:

The EOS growth cycle is impossibly long by attention standards. Although this might be a reserve net on the founders’ part, ensuring that they can keep to their promises, this also leaves competitors with plenty time to rise their possess choice solutions. If Ethereum manages to solve the scalability problems in time, for example, it is doubtful that projects and developers used to the Ethereum ecosystem will rush off to join an different and untested growth environment.

And then there’s Dam Larimer himself, crypto’s commitment-phobe. One of his biggest critics is former co-worker Charles Hoskinson, who has ventured that Larimer “hasn’t finished a plan yet.” To contend that Hoskinson and Larimer no longer see eye to eye would be an understatement. After the EOS owner delivered a withering critique of Cardano, Hoskinson sarcastically responded: “It can be epitomised as immorality Charles stole all my shining work and didn’t bring me. DPoS is better. Their math stuff validates me. Their stuff doesn’t work. Peer examination is what we contend it is. I’m a genius”, before following up: “I also want to point out that Dan has regularly and publicly pronounced that we have no technical skills and float on the coattails of other people. The dude is honestly a loser.”

EOS Has a $1 Billion War Chest – But Will Dan Larimer Stick Around Long Enough to Enjoy It?EOS Has a $1 Billion War Chest – But Will Dan Larimer Stick Around Long Enough to Enjoy It?
EOS: Ethereum torpedo or fume and mirrors?

As a riposte, Hoskinson related to a Bitcointalk thread from 2010 in which Satoshi Nakamoto famously retorted, in response to Larimer’s censure that 10 mins was too long for a retard time, “If you don’t trust me or don’t get it, we don’t have time to try to remonstrate you, sorry.”

Business partners tumble out all the time, and it is unfit to go through life but origination a few enemies. Thus, Hoskinson’s thoughts on Larimer’s lane record should be taken with a splash of salt. One regard that has been lifted about EOS pertains not the impression of the founder, but rather his code. It has been purported that EOS shares much of the Bitshares’ code, and is simply Larimer’s before plan rebranded. In EOS’ defence, there has since been endless formula uploaded to Github, and given the length of time it will take for the plan to be developed, it is expected that the MVP will look decidedly different to Bitshares. As for when that MVP will arrive, EOS’ roadmap suggests that v 1.0 is expected to be in place by open 2018.

A Smooth-Talking Genius

In chairman Dan Larimer is, by all accounts, affable, charismatic, and a innate salesman. He presents a constrained prophesy of his projects and has proven intensely skilful at pitter-patter up enough support to spin them into reality. Larimer also appears to keep a delicately cultivated image, origination it hard to benefit an discernment into his character. Someone has requested that Google mislay specific hunt results for the entrepreneur, citing information insurance laws famous as the “right to be forgotten”.

Larimer used to say a unchanging blog that enclosed posts such as “Why we Like Ethereum”. It hasn’t been updated since Mar 2016, presumably because Larimer has had more dire matters to attend to. The name of his final post? “How to Launch a Crypto Currency Legally while Raising Funds”. In it he urges startups to “complete the banking and custom before to launch”. The EOS owner has positively been adhering to that mantra with his possess project.

Should EOS infer to be a success, Dan Larimer will merit the arrange of plaudits routinely meted out to the likes of Vitalik Buterin. But as the box of Ethereum shows, projects overseen by a clever personality are at risk should the owner travel away. EOS investors will be anticipating that this time Dan Larimer can be swayed to hang around and suffer his creation.

Do you think Dan Larimer will hang around to build out EOS? And does it have any possibility of violence Ethereum at the possess game? Let us know in the comments territory below.

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