CV Market Watch™: NEO Hops to a Higher Price Range …


Just a integrate of months ago, NEO seemed like a tame and low-lying digital asset, notwithstanding the promises of being “the Ethereum of China”. But 2018 seems to have worked well for platforms and ecosystems, and as ICOs start to come to NEO, the inflection of the digital item increases. 


In addition, the cost of the dividend-bearing asset, GAS, has also inched up: 

NEO has the additional advantage of staking and receiving GAS by gripping a wallet open. 

What is the most extraordinary about NEO right now is that the cost movements are de-coupled from the ubiquitous trend in crypto assets. While most prices are correcting, NEO moves upward.

The three-month draft for NEO shows a solid boost in cost and volumes. It seems since September, NEO picked up speed and certainty, and rose notwithstanding the hawkish opinion of China toward ICOs and cryptocurrency trading. The pickup in prices accelerated a bit more after exchanges started crediting GAS to NEO holders.

The cost of NEO rises mostly on Bittrex, Bitfinex and Binance trading. Binance generally has seen flourishing popularity, and is one of the exchanges awarding GAS. 

In Korea, however, NEO is also a hit, though the cost is released from the ubiquitous statistics. 

NEO trades at a reward opposite the Korean Won, as trade is much more renouned and obvious in Korea. 

The smaller exchange, Cryptopia, however, trades NEO at $90, but this marketplace is merely a oddity with low to self-existent volumes.

The crypto village believes even at these prices, NEO is undervalued. As more direct for ICOs comes in 2018, the cost of NEO is seen reaching $1,000. NEO in fact works as a share of the platform, while GAS is the item used for transactions. So direct for new resources and exchange could boost the cost of both assets.

NEO picked up the cost gains after rebranding from AntShares. From then onward, it followed almost in the footsteps of Ethereum. 

The cost of ETH was also comparatively low at the commencement of 2017, but climbed to above $1,300 recently as the height is gaining more popularity.

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