Cryptoindex Launches Amid Token Sale

Traders Magazine Online News, Jul 12, 2018

John D’Antona Jr.

The fast expansion of cryptocurrencies has captivated professionals and pledge investors worldwide. Cryptocurrencies now reason a market cap of more than $300 billion, a top that according to many analysts will almost positively strech $10 trillion in the not so apart destiny [ii]. Today, there are more than 1604 graphic cryptocurrencies on the market[iii], a number that will boost in multitudes.

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It is unfit to envision the subsequent Bitcoin. Until now.

Introducing Cryptoindex, a new height powered by AI that was built to emanate the Cryptocurrency marketplace benchmark, famous as the Cryptoindex100. Our singular algorithm, ‘Zorax’ uses a far-reaching accumulation of information inputs from an endless number of sources to emanate a singular proceed to the prolongation of a entirely programmed index calculation. Based on these inputs (fed through neural networks) and calculations each silver is constantly revalued as part of the Index.  The Cryptoindex100 is programmed — We aim to revoke tellurian influences to a minimum.

The arrangement of the index is the apparent step for old-world financial markets to start observation “new world” currencies as viable investment opportunities.  Cryptocurrency marketplace players have long preferred a apparatus whereby every crypto investor, regardless of the turn of knowledge, can automate and facilitate the routine of portfolio diversification. Cryptoindex–reduces the sensitivity and risk of existent particular cryptocurrencies and creates a intelligent new benchmark for the cryptocurrency market.

“The time for a maestro cryptoindex has come,” remarked James Davies, former COO of the London Derivatives Exchange (LDX).

Cryptoindex possesses the following functions:

  1. It creates a “crypto portfolio” that  chooses the right coins, formed on our manners and filters, holding into comment a coin’s altogether ratings and hundreds of other factors that impact their value,
  2. It obviates the need to register a horde of wallets,
  3. It rebalances a portfolio automatically—and instantly

A Cryptocurrency index is equivalent to a commodity or equity index. Cryptocurrency indices classify a certain number of digital currencies into a singular diversified portfolio, formulating an effortless, fit investment vigilance that is easy to understand. With Cryptoindex the patron has the event to guard the dynamics of the cryptocurrency markets and store assets in several digital currencies, conducting a smallest of transactions.

Cryptoindex users can guard the evident value of the Cryptoindex100; lane formulas and metrics through our platform, and automate crypto portfolio diversification. It reduces the sensitivity found in most cryptocurrencies through the squeeze of what the association has dubbed the CIX100 token.

CIX100 will turn available on most crypto exchanges, with the possess set price, though we will find to keep the anxiety to the index. The client uses the CIX100 to entrance the Cryptoindex height purchasing datasets, and other services. Moreover, those who squeeze the CIX100 tokens during the Token sale might entrance the Liquidity Provision Programme (LPP) supposing by our partner firm[iiii].

“I find the opportunities and developments in the Cryptocurrency universe fascinating and exciting,” pronounced Cryptoindex CEO VJ Angelo, a 30-year maestro of the financial markets. “Cryptoindex offers the event to move the new banking and banking universe together with the normal investment and trade model. we trust this plan will accelerate the growth and adoption of these new products changing how we bank and trade in the future.”

The algorithm ‘Zorax’ was grown by a group of mathematicians with over 13 years’ of marketplace analysis and trade plan experience. Results from the neural network’s outlay are fed into a vital covering while the AI ‘Zorax’ optimizes weights. This strives to furnish the best probable plan in today’s ever-changing marketplace conditions. Cryptoindex’s system is a formidable height built to cover 3 vital segments of portfolio government and entirely automate the charge of exchanging cryptocurrency while handling the rebalancing routine of the index portfolio eventually replacing coins that do not accommodate the compulsory criteria.

The Private sale of the CIX100 tokens will embark on the 5th of Jul 2018. Whitelist and ICO terms will be expelled at a after date on the website

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