Cryptocurrency Indices – a New Crypto Market Trend That CryptoIndex Is All Set to Embrace!

With the sum number of cryptocurrencies and digital resources on exchanges skyrocketing from 617 to 1,335 over the course of a year, 2017 has been dubbed the “Year of Cryptocurrency”. However, as these currencies exist on countless exchanges and markets, all with different remuneration systems and methods, the ability to get in and out of positions has been difficult, time-consuming and potentially dear as timing is essential when it comes to trade on the crypto market. Many investors, extraordinary to drop a toe into the new item category were frightened off by this complexity and compared risk exposure.

The Need for Crypto Indices

Similar to normal markets, the origination of indices allows the old-world financial markets to start observation the new universe currencies as a critical and viable investment opportunity.

By formulating an index that is in the sparkling and colourful cryptocurrency space, while adopting a methodology that takes into comment the needs and mandate of heavily regulated item managers, banks, sidestep supports and veteran investors, opens the probability of formulating a much wider financier bottom in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Regulatory Compliance

Creating a cryptocurrency index is not enough, it is also critical to cause in the regulatory and correspondence requirements, as many worldly old-school investors are firm by them, and would cite to have the same kind of clarity (or complexity) when it comes to new item classes. Contracts combined and listed, formed on a well- suspicion out index will yield a simple, well accepted and proven routine for the financial village to cruise the fast rising cryptocurrency ecosystem as a whole.

Multiple listings on both existent financial exchanges such as Eurex, or CME will concede the financier bottom to use stream Fiat currencies to transparent through existent clearinghouses using stream risk, compliance, center and back-office systems. In doing so, the index can be integrated into the trade and investment village in a comparatively brief camber of time.

Crypto Indices are Increasingly being Produced

Some of the examples that uncover how mainstream financial players are inventory the crypto index include:

  • Financial monitoring use Bloomberg Terminal, now hosting the Huobi 10 Cryptocurrency Index, as well as 9 crypto trade pairs
  • Toronto Stock Exchange is now inventory the new Blockchain ETF
  • Leading U.S. investment banking organisation Goldman Sachs is exploring cryptocurrency derivatives, as settled by Goldman Sachs Chief Operating Officer (COO)
  • Canadian mass media and information association Thomson Reuters is now tracking the top 100 currencies in the perspective information tool.

Given the outrageous weight of law that has landed on the financial village since the financial crisis, removing an index of high peculiarity assembly regulatory standards such as the IOSCO Principles of Benchmarks, is critical for any possibility of adoption by financial institutions

About the CryptoIndex Project

CryptoIndex is a novel height powered by AI that has been grown to emanate the Cryptocurrency marketplace benchmark, famous as the Cryptoindex100. Their singular algorithm, ‘Zorax’ uses a far-reaching accumulation of information inputs from an endless number of sources to emanate a singular proceed to the prolongation of a entirely programmed index calculation. Based on these inputs (fed through neural networks) and calculations, each silver is constantly revalued as part of the Index.

The Background

The rising adoption of cryptocurrencies, channel a market cap of $300 billion, necessitates such a height as that figure is approaching to strike $10 trillion in future. With more than 1604 cryptocurrencies found in the market, it has turn almost unfit to envision the successful banking of the future. The CryptoIndex 100 helps the old financial marketplace to perspective “new world” currencies as viable investment opportunities.  Cryptocurrency marketplace players have long preferred a apparatus whereby every crypto investor, regardless of the turn of knowledge, can automate and facilitate the routine of portfolio diversification. CryptoIndex, reduces the sensitivity and risk of existent particular cryptocurrencies and creates a intelligent new benchmark for the cryptocurrency market.

What the CEO has to Say…

CEO VJ Angelo is now the conduct of London Derivatives Exchange (LDX).  In his over 30 years’ knowledge in the financial markets, he has grown a consummate bargain of indices, financial products, and marketplace infrastructure, particularly in banking and bound income markets.  From 2012 he commenced a plan that took bound income OTC products onto exchanges.

In a singular new index methodology, as CEO of Global Derivatives Indices (part of the LDX Group), Mr. Angelo and his group took the routine from judgment through growth into prolongation and finally through regulatory capitulation in the UK, Europe, and the U.S. The outcome has been a listed futures agreement for the Interest Rate Swap Index on the Deutsche Boerse owned Eurex Exchange.

Listen here,  for the extensive introduction to the platform.

The project’s MVP is already in place, distinct the other project’s matter of intent. And, the private sale of the CIX100 tokens is successfully going on since 5th of July, while the whitelisting is going to start from mid-July 2018. To attend or get whitelisted, greatfully revisit CryptoIndex’s central website.


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