Cryptocurrencies to interrupt UAE remittance market

Nowadays, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are creation a outrageous sound worldwide because of their intensity to decentralise income arising and the financial services. This judgment comes from the fact that cryptocurrencies are formed on blockchain technology. To explain this quick and clearly, let’s contend that there are thousands of computers (nodes) around the universe that have a database with all the information of cryptocurrencies released and the sell made; this database is updated in genuine time in all the nodes, avoiding mismatches and decentralising the information. Also, the annals are kept perpetually and can’t be modified.

The contribution that make the system decentralised are:

. Every time a transaction is made, all the computers see it and to emanate a new ‘Coin’ there contingency be an capitulation by most of the nodes (this can change depending on the cryptocurrency protocol).

. Those nodes are obliged for generating new cryptocurrencies; therefore, there isn’t a singular arising entity as a executive bank for the cryptocurrencies.

Let’s speak about the critical thing: since everybody says that cryptocurrencies will interrupt the remittance marketplace worldwide. First, remittances formed on blockchain have the following characteristics:

. Fast processing, online and real-time

. Generally, among the blockchain ecosystem, the cost of the send is much reduction than the normal charges for remittances in the normal system, nonetheless there can be additional costs to modify the cryptocurrency into fiat currency.

. Fully-digital and convenient

. Easy as shopping and offered goods

These characteristics can be concurred by anyone that has a cryptocurrency wallet and sends Bitcoins to a crony in another country.

Talking privately about the UAE, the existence is that cryptocurrencies need to overcome different showstoppers to contest successfully opposite banking and sell residence remittance offers, because, even if in many cases those offers are costly and inconvenient, they have some critical advantages for the consumer, such as the probability to send to bank accounts, to m-wallets or to beneficiaries for income pick-up. Also, they have enough liquidity for evident settling in income at the destiny, and they have a transparent law in place in the UAE and in aim countries.

The existence above doesn’t meant that cryptocurrency remittances for UAE corridors are impossible, but the entrepreneurs addressing this marketplace will need to overcome the following highway blocks:

. Financial inclusion, Internet entrance and technological literacy: A association wanting to send remittances to India, Pakistan, the Philippines or other informal corridors needs to cruise the aim to residence and how to do it. Since cryptocurrencies today are accessed through the Internet, using a PC or a smartphone, and users need some arrange of financial use to buy the cryptocurrencies and to accept the payments from the sale, this can be an emanate in countries where the low-income race don’t have such facilities.

. UAE ecosystem: For those who don’t hoop the subject very well, it is not an easy charge accessing cryptocurrencies in the UAE. To constraint the market, firms need to concentration on user-friendly solutions.

. Liquidity: According to the Central Bank of the UAE, there is Dh160.8 billion per year sent abroad from the UAE. To residence a poignant share of this amount, the cryptocurrencies batch needs to grow in this part of the world.

. AML and CFT controls: Providers need to safeguard a arguable system that won’t make the regulator tighten it down due to income laundering and terrorism financing issues.

. Regulation: There isn’t a transparent law in the UAE for cryptocurrencies. Companies meddlesome in doing these digital currencies need to know the stream regulations and prepared for destiny laws on the topic. In addition, the regulations of aim countries should also be considered.

Regardless the mentioned obstacles, fintech firms are replacing and violence stream income remitters. The out-of-date way of doing remittances is being transposed by one that is reduction complicated, in real-time, reduction expensive, thorough and user-friendly.

Attention: by fintechs we are not articulate only about garage businesses, behind most of those start-ups are seasoned executives with clever believe in the financial sector.

Money remitters and sell houses have the assets, the marketplace share, the expertise and the ecosystem built, but if they don’t re-engineer their business will remove the battle. Those common enough to accept his miss of knowledge, the need for changes and prepared to ask for recommendation are the one with more chances to success.

And with that, acquire to the new business opportunities entrance from cryptocurrencies.

The author is arch executive and owner of Nimmok. Views voiced are his possess and do not simulate the newspaper’s policy.

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