CryptoCelebs: Famous people who’ve bought a cryptocurrency craze

Cryptocurrencies are the latest disturb unconditional the world, and it’s not just normal Joes dropping their life assets for a square of the action. Some of the most renouned people in the universe have used their money, celebrity, and measureless amicable media followings to invest in or endorse cryptocurrency-based businesses and services.

A lot of the luminary support for cryptocurrencies revolves around the Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) the cryptocurrency startups create. An ICO is a fundraising eventuality where a cryptocurrency sells a commission of that currency, in the form of tokens, to people in sell for income to assistance get the cryptocurrency off the ground. A few difference of regard from certain celebrities have helped countless cryptocurrencies acquire millions of dollars in funding.

Actors, musicians, athletes, and entrepreneurs have all been drawn to the allure of cryptocurrencies. These are some of the most important luminary endorsements.

50 Cent

No rapper has benefited from the arise in recognition of cryptocurrencies like 50 Cent. In an bid to stay stream with how his fans squeeze music, 50 Cent accepted bitcoin purchases of his 2014 album Animal Ambition. He perceived 700 bitcoins, which were valued at $660 each, at the time, and admits he forgot about the stash. Once each bitcoin’s value exploded in 2017 to a record high of $19,850 in mid-December, his lost accumulate rose in value to as high as scarcely $14 million. When 50 distinguished his new happening in January, the value had forsaken to $10,000 per bitcoin, enough for a scarcely $8 million haul.


Nas was a luminary endorsing cryptocurrency before it became a fad. He invested in bitcoin digital wallet Coinbase in early 2014. Months after in a August 2014 interview, Nas admitted that bitcoin had the intensity to be “as big, if not bigger, than the Internet.” A few months later, the Illmatic rapper sensitive his millions of fans on Facebook that he would be rewarding bitcoins to those with the top scores on his Nas trivia competition at The Rap Test website. At the time of the Aug 2014 interview, the mythological lyricist claimed he and his group had been collecting bitcoins for over a year, when the cost of a bitcoin hovered between $100-$1,000. At the time of press, each bitcoin is value roughly $8,000, which would net the multi-millionaire rapper a vast sum of income if he kept a vast enough number of bitcoins in his stash.

Richard Branson

Richard Branson, the Virgin Group owner perplexing to make commercial space flights a reality, frequency does anything reduction than epic. His adore of cryptocurrency is no different. He invested $30 million into bitcoin startup Bitpay in 2014. Before that, he announced he would accept bitcoins as a form of remuneration for tickets on his arriving blurb space transport use Virgin Galactic, in late 2013. Branson perceived six bitcoin purchases for tickets only a few months after that announcement. Later in 2014, the multi-billionaire uttered his measureless compensation in Bitcoin’s future in a Sep 2014 interview. His cryptocurrency support hasn’t wavered over the years, with Branson investing in bitcoin use provider Blockchain last year.

Ashton Kutcher

The That 70s Show star has had a complicated, but essential attribute with record over the last decade. He portrayed Steve Jobs in a film, and was an early financier in Airbnb and Uber. One of his early hits was in cryptocurrency, and it’s starting to compensate off. Kutcher is one of the beginning celebrities to the cryptocurrency craze, tweeting about Ethereum in May 2014, more than a year before the initial recover in Jul 2015. Ethereum is now one of the biggest cryptocurrencies in the world, with one Ethereum valued at more than $830, at the time of press. Kutcher also invested in Bitcoin estimate use Bitbay, and frequently updates his 19 million Twitter supporters about the latest Bitcoin news.

Katy Perry

Back in Nov 2017, Katy Perry common with her more than 68 million Instagram supporters how she got some cryptocurrency recommendation from one of the best people to get any financial recommendation from: Warren Buffett. It wasn’t long after her assembly with Buffett that Perry became a cryptocurrency supporter. In January, she posted on Instagram what might be the prettiest announcement for cryptocurrency to date, embroidering her nails with the logos of 5 cryptocurrencies. Tweeting about how much you adore bitcoin is one thing. Decorating your nails with the logos of 5 of the most renouned cryptocurrencies in the universe is a different turn of crypto dedication.

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather is synonymous with two things – money, and winning. Now, he might be one of the most active luminary endorsers in the cryptocurrency market. In Jul 2017, Mayweather endorsed the ICO for blockchain prophecy height A month after in Aug 2017, the undefeated pugilist promoted the ICO for a blockchain-based calm marketplace famous as Hubii Network. Then, in Sep 2017, Mayweather sealed on to being the code envoy for cryptocurrency height Centra. Mayweather’s publicity is as good as his right jab, with Centra lifting more than $30 million weeks after Mayweather’s endorsement. No consternation the worshiped fighter has referred to himself as “Crypto Mayweather.”

DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled’s biggest talent is promotion. He can make any paltry meetings feel like the Super Bowl with his boisterous celebrity and showy descriptions of everything. Just like Mayweather, Khaled used his amicable media promotional bravery to validate the intensity of cryptocurrency height Centra. In Sep 2017, Khaled bragged to his more than 12 million supporters on Twitter and Instagram about carrying a “titanium centra withdraw card” from Centra. A month after in Oct 2017, he posted a video on his Instagram page display off the facilities of Centra Wallet app on his iPhone, a few weeks after the app strike the Apple Store.

Mike Tyson

Unlike most celebrities whose cryptocurrency endorsements don’t extend over a few amicable media posts, Tyson tied Bitcoin directly to his brand. In late 2015, Tyson partnered with Bitcoin Direct to recover Bitcoin ATMs branded with the fighter’s inhuman image. Months after in Jan 2016, Tyson and Bitcoin Direct announced the former heavyweight champ would get his possess digital Bitcoin wallet where people can buy and sell cryptocurrency directly form the app.

Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx has given a few record endorsements over the years, including a backpack with built-in speakers, and Verizon Wireless. So, it’s not a big warn that the 50-year old comedian has got in on the cryptocurrency craze. Foxx promoted his participation in the ICO of cryptocurrency sell height Cobinhood to his more than 4 million supporters on Twitter in Sep 2017. Cobinhood lifted nearly $10 million mere weeks after Foxx’s endorsement. Not bad for a few mins of typing a tweet.

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