Blockchain Projects Where You Can Actually Earn Cryptocurrencies? Understanding Blockchain Adoption

So, the finish crypto universe is flooded with news and articles centered around cryptocurrency trading. And because not, cryptocurrency trade has given birth to many millionaires in last 3 years. But advisers run no risks and many have also mislaid their resources by descending chase to scams and untrustworthy cryptocurrency projects. A doubt that is mostly abandoned and has triggered many debates is “How distant are when we speak about cryptocurrency adoption?”. So we took the challenge.

Why this “real” blockchain adoption is crucial?

In sequence for cryptocurrencies to be really mainstream, it is very required that cryptocurrencies are part of the daily economy and are traded for real-world services. In other words, instead of appropriation cryptocurrencies through “buy” they should be warranted in sell for services. And then there should be an infrastructure that allows to ‘spend’ cryptocurrencies in exchange for daily equipment of need.

So it drills down to the existence of ways to acquire crypto and parallelly spend them. Here is a brief list of some renouned blockchain projects where indeed you can acquire estimable cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain projects where you can acquire cryptocurrencies using your skills

  1. Steemit

On tip of the list is Steemit, no doubt there are instances like one next where steemit has valid estimable for publishers. In nutshell, steemit is fundamentally a calm edition network where users get paid for their activities like upvotes,

An well-developed box of high earning from steemit

The Steem blockchain is consistently minting new STEEM tokens and adding them to a village “rewards pool.” The STEEM is then awarded to users for their contributions, formed on the votes that their calm receives. Create profitable calm and get rewarded, so the speculation goes.

It’s not easy to acquire on steemit as is claimed. An author reported that:

“Out of 230 articles roughly 5 had any notable returns, nothing of which equivalent the cost to write them. They also have a shelf life as long as a twitter […] I’m going to have to give Steemit a ‘D’ for calm creators.”

One essay alleges that the initial placement routine of tokens was fraudulent and that Steem is not truly a decentralized network.

  1. LBRY Guide

LBRY is an open-source and decentralized height for video calm pity which rewards you for calm consumption. Yes, you review that right. Not only are you rewarded for calm creation, but for calm consumption.

In the long run, LBRY’s economy can yield a resource for the arrangement of calm creators, namely with tips from calm users in the app’s local LBC token (short for LBRY Credit). The app comes with a dedicated LBC wallet. Other ways to obtain LBC’s are contributions to the LBRY plan and mining

In sequence to use LBRY you need to implement the app available for linux, macOS, and windows.

How much can you make using LBRY? Here is an reason we found on LBRY website:

“With YouTube monetization, creators acquire a non-static volume formed on viewers’ rendezvous with ads. There is no set formula, but we’ve found a reasonable guest guess of around $2 per thousand views. This works out to a penny for 5 views. So on LBRY, if you assign just one penny per perspective (a cost any spectator would compensate but a second thought), you might get 5X the per-view gain you’d get from YouTube instantly!”

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  1. D.Tube is another plan that is built atop of steemit blockchain. Though not so renouned like steemit, but still the plan has gained movement in past year.

The plan uses the same blockchain and underlying mercantile mechanisms as of steemit.  In a nutshell,, a decentralized video height formed on the InterPlanetary File System protocol. is YouTube but the advertisements (and user base) – instead, it uses the built-in Steem banking to prerogative calm producers. D.sound is another example, in this box for audio streaming.

  1. SMS chain

What if an app rewarded you for your solitary existence– something that is not customarily finished solely by your possess mother, am we right? The app that does just this is called SMSChain. Its founders call SMSChain a decentralized SMS gateway, and that is radically what it is.

Anyone who buys a SMSCHAIN token and installs the app can make income automatically by offered their uninformed SMS messages. Program users can set up the sum number of messages sent by SMSCHAIN daily, in further to the form of calm to send (example: transactional messages from Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.).

It’s claimed that you can start offered your new SMS messages for a financial prerogative and presumably acquire around $6,000/ month from your mobile device automatically after substantiating your account! If you don’t have estimable new SMS or wouldn’t like to sell a lot of messages, you might still easily make a few hundred a months using the app.

  1.  Of course, Buy and “hodl” on

This is maybe the most candid means of participating in cryptocurrency expansion but carrying to be too active about it. If you’ve been examination the price of Bitcoin, it has grown significantly in almost a decade of existence. Thus, people who have bought and hold on to their cryptocurrency see themselves reaping the rewards of an torrent in value.


The “bloodbath” of Jan 2018, led to the rain of many blockchain projects. Though the crypto marketplace is still very distant from what can be called “adoption” or “mainstream”. But the new controversies surrounding Facebook and the anathema on crypto ads by vital amicable networking sites as well as Google have non-stop doors to opportunities.

The users will be more prone to hunt for alternatives as a monopolistic function of these giants keeps increasing. The future of blockchain is splendid and the augmenting direct will really give arise to more estimable projects.

Did we skip any critical blockchain projects you used to acquire cryptos? Please discuss in the comments below.

Blockchain Projects Where You Can Actually Earn Cryptocurrencies? Understanding Blockchain Adoption

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